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Our REAL WORLD usage of the AI Tools reviewed on our site is what makes up our advantage. Our team of digital marketers truly use the tools we review on our every day work, giving us a real experience to report on.

Our process is a simple THREE-STEP approach:


We sign up for the platform as if we are an every day user, we evaluate how easy the signup process is, we evaluate any special offers or pricing available.

Most importantly, we PAY for the platform as a regular user, just as you would, we are not given special free "influencer" accounts.


We use real-world example of content that we actually need written. We find that's the best way to truly test out a platform, to actually rely on the content it provides.

We document the entire process so you can easy how easy or hard, and what kind of quality of content the platform delivers.


We give an unbiased score for each platform in comparison with our experience across the competitors.

Although we may be paid differently to recommend different tools, we never let that dictate our score, so you can trust that the score given to a tool is a legitimate comparable score that helps you make your decision.

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