Anyword Review 2022: AI Benefits Worth The Price?

Written By: Derek Gehl


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The Complete Anyword Review: Copywriting for Best Conversions!

In this Anyword review, discover how you as a marketer can get the best out of your content. We will help you understand how Anyword can help you to get a better ROI on your content marketing initiatives. If you want to know how it can help you get more conversions, then this Anyword review is for you.

The number of AI softwares has skyrocketed in the past few years.

But are these tools reliable? How accurate are they? Do they live up to the cost? The good news is that AI technology has come a long way in recent years. It can now write complex articles on a variety of topics quickly. Anyword is one such AI writing assistance tool that has gained immense popularity due to its diverse templates and simple interface.

In this Anyword review, I will dive deep into its features, templates, and pricing plans. I will also share my final verdict and help you figure out whether Anyword is the right tool for you. Review - Overview & Summary

Overall Score

3.5/ 5

Powerful Bullet Points

3/ 5

Features to Benefits

4/ 5

Facebook Ad: Primary Text

3/ 5

LinkedIn Post

3.5/ 5

Promotional Email

3.5/ 5

SEO Meta Description

3/ 5

Promotional SMS

3/ 5

Blog Post Topic Ideas

3/ 5

Google Search Ad: Description

3.5/ 5

How Does Anyword Work?

Anyword is an AI-powered copywriting platform that ensures you as a marketer are always sending the right message to your target audience. It automatically generates and evaluates data-driven copy for ads, social posts, email subject lines, landing page text, and much more. It uses predictive analytics tools that know what content converts best. Anyword gives you every possible outcome or conversion scenario, so you can see which one performs the best.

Anyword’s advanced copywriting software runs on Artificial Intelligence at its core. It utilizes developed language models to understand and generate text.

Anyword’s mission is to remove the guesswork from writing for marketing with a focus on data-driven copywriting.

No need to worry about running out of content because there are hundreds of different variations available. All with their unique performance prediction score - so you can try everything until you find something that brings in conversions!

Who Can Use Anyword?

Thousands of business owners, freelancers, advertising agencies, and marketers have adopted Anyword. The tool can be utilized to assist in the production of advertisements, blogs, or articles. Anyword is a vital resource for marketing because it could help you manage your marketing ad campaigns and social media advertising campaigns among others.

The ‘Ecommerce’, ‘Business’, and ‘Writing Assistance’ templates that Anyword offers to make it stand out from its competitors.


Writing Assistance

With Anyword AI’s copywriting predictive model, you can convert more people and gain new clients. You get an insight into what words are most likely to make or break a sale.

This Anyword review will show you some of the most important templates offered by the software.

What Are The Most Useful Templates Offered By Anyword?


Writing headlines is something that seems exciting and easy but can be tricky to pull off. Anyword’s ‘Perfect Headline’ template helps you generate catchy headlines in a few seconds.

In my opinion, the template has room for improvement. The headlines generated seemed simple and generic. They lacked sensory and action words that appeal to the reader’s emotions. They conveyed the primary benefit but could not build intrigue to learn more about the product. The headlines were not catchy and were almost forgettable.

Overall, the AI played it very safe with the outputs and lacked creativity and imagination. There is no way to mention which tone of voice to used in the input. This results in a lack of specificity and control. And this Anyword review will show you why!




The essence of a great bullet is brevity + promise, according to Copyblogger. Anyword’s “Powerful Bullet Points” template helps you do that.

The bullet points generated were impactful. They were concise and attention-grabbing. It incorporated all the main keywords seamlessly within the bullet points.

One thing that was missing was that there was no element of fascination in the bullet points. Fascination is a copywriting technique for creating bullet points that intrigue (fascinate!) your readers so much that they’re compelled to find out more information. The bullet points generated could have been more persuasive.




The ‘Features to Benefits’ template can make the life of e-commerce marketers so much easier.

Highlighting the benefits of your product is important because the purchasing process is emotionally driven. They have the potential to grab customers’ attention and speak to their needs.

Your product descriptions decide whether or not a customer will buy from you. Writing product descriptions listing only the product features will often lead to a boring and generic description. Using’s “Features to Benefits’ tool will help you get better performance from your product and service pages.

The benefits generated made use of the loss aversion copywriting technique. It had an educational, informative, and persuasive tone giving the readers major insights into the product. It laid out the features plainly and simply playing to the customer’s emotions and experiences that they will gain from using your product.

While writing this Anyword review, I found one thing that was missing was the personalization angle from the benefits.




My experience with Anyword’s ‘Facebook Ad: Primary Text’ template was amazing. The primary text had short, fragmented sentences. The tone was very conversational and convincing.

It opened with a strong hook in both variants. The copy made promises that were well within reason.
I loved that every line was headline-worthy and highlighted the benefits with clarity. The character count too was in the ideal range between forty and sixty characters.

One thing to improve is a sense of urgency to nudge the click could have been added.




The ‘LinkedIn Post’ template is really helpful for social media marketers in writing impactful captions in a matter of seconds. I loved how Anyword came up with relevant informative content based upon just a single line of input.

The copy expanded upon the cloud services brilliantly. I loved how it had the right balance of features and benefits too. The Call to action for the post was missing which could be improved. Also, the copy generated wasn’t grammatically accurate. You need some editing and proofreading before you come up with the final draft.

No doubt that this template makes the lives of social media marketers so much easy. Especially for the ones that manage multiple pages and need to come up with regular posts.




Promotional emails highly influence purchase decisions and should be a part of every marketing strategy. As effective as they are, you can’t just throw one together and expect to get results. And it’s often a struggle to write the perfect promotional email copy.

Anyword’s Promotional Email template will help all marketers in coming up with well-written, well-structured, conversion-driven promotional emails.

I loved that the opening hook was right on point with addressing the pain point. It tells you precisely what the service is, and highlights the value proposition. It had a clear CTA and created a sense of urgency. The content was short and crisp. This was something that made me enjoy writing this Anyword review.

However, the main chunk of the copy was the same as that of the input. I was expecting it would have been expanded upon and articulated to further enhance the readability.




Meta Description is a crucial component of on-page SEO which appears under the page title and URL. Anyword’s SEO Meta Description template helps you generate multiple variants on the go.

I liked how it used action-oriented language. Also, the output generated was specific and relevant. The focus keywords were seamlessly integrated into the copy. The length was just within the ideal range of between 120 and 156 characters. Overall, it could have been more imaginative to come up with new value propositions apart from the ones listed in the input.




SMS Marketing is NOT dead. It’s often criticized for being spammy, but when executed correctly it has one of the best cost-to-value ratios. I loved that Anyword offers this template which is not offered by a lot of AI writing software.

The SMS copy generated was short and to the point. A strong call to action and a sense of urgency were there in the copy. I believe that the benefits angle could have been utilized in the copy. The personalization aspect was missing too. Also, some of the power words and CTAs could have been in capital letters to highlight them.




Coming up with blog post topic ideas by brainstorming off the top of your head can only get you so far. It can often get challenging and frustrating too. Here’s where Anyword’s ‘Blog Post Topic Ideas’ template can help you.

I liked how the topics generated were simple and concise. It seemed to include some keywords with a high search volume in the topic which were not originally part of the input. The second variant was not relevant to the topic and was quite different altogether. The other two however addressed the key theme from a slightly broader angle.

A short, open-ended question as the blog topic often works well.

However, the topics could have been a bit more specific and used more long-tail keywords. The element of curiosity could have been better utilized in the topic too.




The ad description plays a huge role in attracting the visitor, but only if it’s well-written. I loved how Anyword’s ‘Google Search Ad: Description’ template helped generate concise and specific descriptions. I liked how the keywords were strategically used in the description. The use of language that speaks to the user’s search intent was done in the right manner.

However, I felt that more emotive and actionable words should have been used. Also, the copy could have avoided some generic words and corporate jargon.



How Much Does Anyword Subscription Cost?

Anyword offers a free plan, letting anyone get started with the tool.

Multiple plans are available to meet the needs of each business: - The Basic plan, which starts at 15,000 credits/month and includes access to the blog post wizard and basic copywriting editor, starts at $19/month with the monthly payment plan or $16/month with an annual subscription.

The Data-Driven plan costs $83/month for an annual subscription. It comes with a predictive performance score, data-driven copywriting tools, and 30,000-word credits per month.

Data-Driven Ad Copy!

Data-Driven Unlimited users can create content variations with their brand's tone of voice and style by using the Custom Mode function. For example, you could add some branded text or samples from your social media ads (LinkedIn and Facebook are supported). Anyword will copy over your brand's language and tone for a consistent brand voice across all marketing communications.

Anyword Pricing Plans

For large enterprise-level clients, the pricing is custom for three different plans- Acquire, Convert and Engage. Acquire plan is ideal for performance marketing and paid media teams. It boasts of custom AI models for Facebook ads, Google Ads, and emails. It offers Policy compliance detection, API integrations, and more.

The Convert plan is meant for demand generation and growth teams. With this plan, you can connect Anyword to your website and service targeted messages to audiences, increasing conversions by 30%.

The Engage plan is ideal for content and organic social teams. It helps you build your customer base quicker and boosts engagement with an optimized marketing copy.

All three custom plans offer a dedicated customer success manager and API access. The pricing is custom according to your business needs. You need to book a demo to find out the pricing details and learn more about which plan is right for your business. This Anyword review is aimed to help you choose!

Pros and Cons of Anyword


  • Impressive API Connections
  • Simple and beginner-friendly user interface
  • Ad account integration
  • Option to blacklist words
  • The Predictive Performance Score function
  • Free trial option with no credit card required
  • Content organization and product workspace
  • Offers building customer personas


  • For more features, you will need to pay significantly more.
  • Expensive
  • Only works for English right now. (25 languages in the Beta version)
  • For creating landing page content you need to utilize different templates for the headline, sub-header, CTA, benefits, and features. Using one single landing page template that covers all the sections would have been great.

My Verdict: Should You Go For Anyword?

Beginners, veterans, and everyone in between can benefit from using Anyword. It stands out amongst the vast crowd of copywriting software due to its impressive API connectivity features and simplicity to use. Copy is generated from the same information used in projects created in Anyword’s application. This simplifies things considerably for individuals dealing with multiple sites where descriptions, content, or ads are needed.

I recommend Anyword as a useful tool for anyone who needs assistance crafting detailed descriptions. It writes quality copy, generates website content, and creates advertisements across various platforms.

Its accuracy comes from having been trained on over $250 million worth of successfully executed ad campaigns. So when it forecasts how well (or poorly) one particular advertisement will do before launch day arrives, you know you're getting expert advice!

Data and statistics will complete the creative process. They'll help copywriters know what words to use, what feelings to evoke, and how to interact with each customer segment. Anyword is paving the way for this.

Anyword utilizes developed language models, has a world-class data science team, and aims to reinvent marketing copywriting.

To summarize, Anyword can be your one-stop shop for building high-quality content for all your marketing campaigns. If you liked this Anyword review then check out the other reviews that we have written for you!