ClosersCopy Review

Is ClosersCopy The Right Content-Creating Assistant For You?

Written By: Derek Gehl


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ClosersCopy is a robotic AI writing assistant. This platform provides endless community created templates for all of your writing needs. This includes blog help, product description assistance, and social media guidance among many excellent features.

Our team took it upon ourselves to try ClosersCopy and it impressed us with the large community base and the advanced templates we found. It is relatively simple to use. All you have to do is enter the input requested and in under a minute it will create advanced content for all of your needs.

We are going to share with you our overall experience using ClosersCopy and give a little peek into the many features available through the advanced software. We will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the platform, as well as an in-depth look into the overall functioning of the software.

Our Verdict: Straight to what you want to know!

There’s no need to beat around the bush. Let’s get straight to our review of ClosersCopy. While ClosersCopy did not earn 10/10 down the board, it stands out in several areas.

Those areas are specifically centered around the quality of long-form content and the ability to stack multiple frameworks for a singular piece. In addition, ClosersCopy has an excellent community network that makes teamwork easier than ever. Combining these positive factors and the affordable price makes ClosersCopy a superb choice for a creator looking for the best quality and value.

Overall Score

4.4/ 5

User Interface

4/ 5

Short-Form Content Quality

3.5/ 5

Long-Form Content Quality

5/ 5


5/ 5

Sentence Structures

4.5/ 5

Tone & Voice Of Content

4/ 5

Collaboration Ability

5/ 5

Community Network

5/ 5

Plagiarism & Fact-Check Features

3/ 5

Overall Value

5/ 5

There are certainly some downsides with ClosersCopy, but for advanced AI writing help, it stands well above many of its competitors. It uses advanced AI technology to perfectly draft and edit existing work.

Navigating ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy is not the easiest platform to navigate, but after a little time experimenting with the site, it is easy enough to get the hang of things. The website homepage provides little information, mostly reviews, and package pricing.

From the website homepage, you can go to your dashboard ( in the top right corner) where they store and organize all of your work for you.


The above image is a sample dashboard. From there, you can either choose an existing document or create a new project to open access to the various templates, frameworks, and workflows found on the website.

The above image is what your blank template will look like once you begin a new project. The sidebar on the far left is where you can begin choosing templates and frameworks, save the project, or even do internet searches on SEO keywords. This is where you will do most of your content creation from.

Framework Templates In ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy gives you access to endless templates and framework material to create content. These are pre-existing templates that help you write the core of your work.


To get access to the framework, all you have to do is click the “framework” icon on the far left sidebar of your template and then click the “library” tab on the far right sidebar that will appear. The image below will show you the various frameworks that are available.

As of writing this review, there are 63 templates available in the sidebar, and there are hundreds more available in the community framework section. These templates include blog writing help, paragraph writing, product descriptions, question-and-answer templates, and product descriptions. We are going to review ten of the existing frameworks we found on ClosersCopy to give you a better understanding of ClosersCopy’s capabilities as a supreme content-creating tool.

AIDA (Blog)

AIDA stands for attention, interest, desire, and action. This is a common marketing format to encourage potential customers to realize the full benefits of your product. The AIDA framework in ClosersCopy takes a simple input description and gives samples under the AIDA mindset. This can help you create a persuasive blog that captures the attention and need for your product.

We were impressed with the AIDA blog proponent of ClosersCopy. We received six different outputs for our given input. Each one was unique, persuasive, and well-formatted.




Bullet Points To Paragraphs (Blog)

The bullet points to paragraphs template were a fun feature to work with. All you have to do is input your bullet points, and ClosersCopy generates several paragraphs, expanding on those bullet points.

There are two examples below that illustrate the output we received. While the first few examples were solid, we did receive some unwanted content. In this example, for whatever reason, we received additional sentences about unrelated products. The second output example shows sentences about shampoo, which was not our given product description.

The unwanted additional sentences did not pose any serious issues as there were over five generated samples. This still gave us plenty of material to work with.

Input 1

Output 1

Input 2

Output 2

Guarantee (Professional)

You may have noticed the sliding bar toward the button of the input page. This sliding bar works on a scale of 1 to 100 and allows you to control the level of creativeness you receive in your given writing. We experimented a lot with this feature, although there was not a significant difference in the content quality received with the scale.


The professional guarantee writes up just that, a product guarantee for your website, blog, or advertisement. We created two samples that are pictured below. In the first, we use a level 100 creativity and in the second we use a level 30 creativity.

The level 100 creativity is significantly longer and more detailed, however, we felt that both read slightly robotic.

Input 1

Output 1

Input 2

Output 2

Benefits (Projects)

The benefits framework asks for a simple product description and then pulls together a list of benefits for that product. This list can be used to create many different forms of material, including blog posts, video ideas, and advertisement content.


We found the benefits list we generated was accurate and useful for an array of different projects. This might be an excellent feature for a content creator looking for further inspiration.



Poll Answers (Q & A)

There are a significant number of various question-and-answer templates on ClosersCopy. These can be useful for FAQs, Quora questions, and other related topics.

We tried one of the poll answers. Our results are below. We chose a broad question that can be interpreted in many different directions. We received well over 20 different answers to the question “Is fishing ethical?” that covered the entire range of possible answers.


You may notice that some answers were a little odd. For example, “If it’s your own fish, then it’s okay” and “Fish with scales should be released”. This may reflect the lack of fact-checking and true understanding the AI software presently maintains.



Product (Reviews)

Overall, the product reviews were well written and informative on the product. It gave us many options with our given input and were able to find several that would be sufficient.

Some of the product reviews sound a little automated and lack a personal touch to the overall tone, however.



Meta Description (SEO)

The SEO meta descriptions were simple, straightforward, and would certainly get the job done. There are also enough descriptions provided that you can pick and choose the best one for your purpose.




Instagram Bio (Emotional)

The Instagram bio was another fun template to play around with. The template asks you to write an emotion down and nothing more. When we entered the emotion “sad” we were definitely amused by the results. To be fair, not many people would aim for a “sad” Instagram bio.


For the second example, we decided to be a little more specific and still received some interesting results. We can certainly say that the content is unique after reading through our generated results here.

Input 1

Output 1

Input 2

Output 2

Rephrase (Tools)

The rephrase tool is meant to glamorize and improve your already written sentences or paragraph. We have included two examples of our experience with this tool.

In the first example, you can see two of the outputs we were given. The second sample is word-for-word, the paragraph we input. They disappointed us with the range of results on this one.

In the second example, we accidentally made a typo and decided to keep it in to see how the AI program responds. On the whole, the AI system did a great job of handling the typo and creating a few good content options.


Input 1

Output 1

Input 2

Output 2

Hook (YouTube)

The hook for a YouTube video is meant to draw in viewers and create an atmosphere of anticipation and curiosity. While this feature certainly provided some great sentences, with excellent grammar, we were not overly impressed with the actual hook.

The sentences are on the bland side and could use some more spice to truly draw in viewers. However, they would serve as great starting points for any content creator.



Community Workflows in ClosersCopy

The ClosersCopy Workflows are really the most impressive features we worked with on the platform. Workflows allow you to stack multiple frameworks from the provided templates to create a more cohesive and smooth final content. You can either create your own workflow or build on hundreds of available community workflows. - Overall Value: 5/5

In the Community Workflows section, you can find stacked frameworks for almost any topic imaginable. For the example below, we experimented with a “How To” blog post from the community templates. This template is a five-step segment that helps create an article intro, an article conclusion, and an overall outline of your product or topic.

In the charts below, you can see most of the results from the first three steps of the process. We were surprisingly impressed by the results of this workflow. The content created was thorough, informative, and well-versed. We received some excellent stacked content from the community workflows. We might even say this could be the star of the show when it comes to ClosersCopy’s material.


Input 1

Output 1


Input 2

Output 2


Input 3

Output 3

What Powers ClosersCopy?

You might ask, how does ClosersCopy create such extensive and detailed content? There is most certainly not a person sitting behind the other screen quickly writing out content for you.

ClosersCopy is powered by GPT-3. GPT-3 is an autoaggressive language model that uses deep learning to generate completely new and unique content. The GPT-3 capabilities are far-stretching and the power of this new AI technology is perfectly reflected in the excellence found within ClosersCopy.

ClosersCopy does not just write content for you. It also can learn about your writing style and create content in your own tone of voice. The more you work on it for long-form content, the more it can replicate what you like most about your own writing.

Who Is Using ClosersCopy?

After countless hours of testing the platform, we can confidently say ClosersCopy is an excellent tool for any long-form content creator. It excels with creating entire paragraphs and building off of your content.

This is a great tool for any blog writer, SEO management agency, copywriter, and webmaster. It has everything content creation professionals need for inspiration and formation.

While the short-form content is slightly lacking in creativity and tone, the long-form content is impressive. We recommended this software for anyone responsible for constantly producing blog posts, articles, long reviews, or detailed product descriptions.

ClosersCopy Pros & Cons

After our intensive work conducted through ClosersCopy, we can expertly say that the pros of this software far outweigh the cons.

It has a heavy focus on generating well-structured long-form content in under a minute. While there are certainly some areas for improvement to be made, this is a rising star in the software industry and can do a lot to help you improve your quality and quantity of work.


  • High-quality, unique content
  • Generates content within a minute
  • 150+ languages available
  • Excellent community integration
  • Ability to stack frameworks to create a complete template
  • Wide variety of frameworks and templates
  • Great for collaboration
  • Ability to customize personal frameworks
  • In-app dictionary, thesaurus, and internet search functions
  • Ability to export files to Word, as a PDF, or other landing pages.


  • Could use an improved user interface
  • Short-form content not yet up to our standards
  • Doesn’t include adjustable tone or voice

The main obstacle we faced while working on ClosersCopy was the short-form content quality. While long-form structure, grammar, and quality were practically flawless, the short-form left much to be desired. In addition, the interface is not easy to navigate upon first use. Finally, the tone of the writing remains casual to professional, with no option as of yet to receive other variations.

Our Favorite Things About ClosersCopy

It may be worth expanding on some of the pros that truly make ClosersCopy stand out above other AI writing assistant software.

Ability to stack frameworks to create a complete template

This is a unique feature among AI content creators. ClosersCopy offers only long-form templates, in addition to the ability to stack any templates together to create a cohesive final project. We have talked about this rather in-depth, but it is a one-of-a-kind feature that is worth noting once more.

Excellent community integration

The community integration within the ClosersCopy network is truly something else. You can work with individual templates, frameworks, and workflows created by other members. You can build off of existing content and add your own personal touch to member-created content.

150+ languages available

We have not talked too much about the different languages offered on ClosersCopy yet. This platform offers content creation in over 150 languages and, based on our experience and user reviews, they have high accuracy with all translations.

These are just a few things that stand out about ClosersCopy. Each member will have their own experiences and opinions on the prime features of the software. Regardless, there will be ClosersCopy features that will fit your writing needs.

ClosersCopy Courses

We have mentioned that the ClosersCopy interface is not exactly first-time user-friendly. Some things can be hard to figure out or navigate through. Luckily, ClosersCopy offers complete courses on every single feature on the app. These courses are a step-by-step guide on how to use each feature, where to find each feature, and even how you can contribute to making additional features!

The courses are easy to follow, easy to understand and make a world of difference with navigation around the site. With something like ClosersCopy, you’ll want to be taking full advantage of everything they have to offer. The courses give you all the tools to do just tha

ClosersCopy Cost

We’ve mentioned that ClosersCopy comes at a great value for the useful tools at the price given. So how much exactly does ClosersCopy cost?

The monthly prices for ClosersCopy are below. They have three different packages. The package best for you will depend largely on the size of the team you work on and how much content you create a month.

The Superpower and Superpower Squad packages are ideal for those regularly that produce a high quantity of content. With unlimited AI writing, unlimited SEO audits, and unlimited updates, you won’t be worried about running out of credits or usage. The Superpower Squad is specifically designed for teams and groups of people looking for collaboration. This is a great option for larger marketing agencies and firms that want a large break of access to the platform.

For under $100, you can have complete access to everything the AI software has to offer, including access for your entire team. While the product is not yet perfected, it is constantly making improvements and advancements to improve customer experience. Overall, it is an excellent value for a high-quality AI content creator.

If you are looking for a long-term AI assistant with your writing, it might be worth looking into the annual packages, as well. Annual memberships offer all the same outstanding features, with a 30% discount on the final price.

ClosersCopy: An Exceptional Content Creating Tool

ClosersCopy is an impressive software app, compatible with both PC and Mac. This software app helps you generate one-of-a-kind content using advanced AI technology that perfectly curates sentences and paragraphs to fit your needs.

Overall, ClosersCopy is an excellent tool for all content creators that draft significant quantities of written work. It does not have any graphic design features like some AI content creators, but has fully mastered the art of high-quality long-form content.

This AI-powered tool improves your quality of work, besides providing the tools to significantly increase your overall quantity of written production. It also holds built-in features that make collaboration within your team and among the community easy, fun, and fulfilling.