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Written By: Derek Gehl


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If you too are trying to figure out which one is better, Jasper AI or Then this review is for you. Yes, the market is getting flooded with AI writing softwares. And yes each of these is dramatically racing to become the most used writing assistant in the world... But the problem isn’t finding one, it is deciding how to choose the best AI writing software according to your needs.

Whether you’re a copywriter, a student, or a blogger, you can use such softwares to do the heavy lifting with content creation. They can even help you get past that scary writer’s block and reduce your workload. While one software can help you put together an impactful essay in an hour, another can whip out hundred primary texts for Facebook Ads. So, if you too need help in deciding which AI writing software is best for you, then keep reading this review.

For the last few months, I have been using, testing, and reviewing some of the best AI writing softwares in the market. What you are about to read is a mega-showdown between the two leading writing assistant tools known as, and Jasper AI(formerly known as Jarvis AI). In this review, you’ll find out which one is cheaper, which one is better, and most importantly, which writing software should you use!

Jasper AI vs Which is better?


Jasper AI

Content Templates



Long-form content


Not Available

Plagiarism checker


Available in Pro Plan

Inbuilt Editor

Available in Boss Mode

Available in Free Plan

Third-Party App Integration


Not available

SEO integration


Not available

In-built Grammar Check

Available in Boss Mode

Available in Pro Plan

Rich text control




Starts from $20/month

Starts from a Free Plan

Free trial

Limited Templates Included

All Templates Included Vs Jasper AI: Foes or Technology Bros?

Both Jasper AI and use the same Machine Learning models. These are based on the same principles of Natural Language Processing and the same core AI algorithm developed by OpenAI.

In 2019, OpenAI announced the release of GPT-2, a large-scale transformer-based language model trained on a dataset of 8 million web pages! GPT-2 soon evolved into a 1.5 billion parameter model that outperformed all other language models on a number of benchmark tasks.

However, in 2020, OpenAI released GPT-3, an even larger language model with 17 billion parameters. Like GPT-2, GPT-3 was trained on a large dataset of web pages and books. Since its release, GPT-3 has been used to build a number of applications, including chatbots, question-answering systems, and machine translation systems.

This is why almost all leading content-generation softwares worldwide are currently powered by GPT-3. Now the question is, if both Jasper AI and are using the same language model, then how do their performance and usage differ?
The difference between Jasper AI and lies in a variety of factors. This includes their features, use-case-mastery, content quality, UI/UX, pricing, training, and even the customer service that they offer.

Which One Should You Choose? or Jasper AI makes it remarkably easy to create high-quality content, with over ninety ready-to-use templates for everything from social media posts to email newsletters. It also features an in-built editor that allows users to customize their templates to perfection. Jasper AI on the other hand is also an AI-powered platform that provides users with everything they need to create high-quality, long-form content. From over fifty templates to automated research and editing, Jasper has everything you need to produce your best work. Content creation with both these platforms is pretty straightforward.

  • Select a content template
  • Input your keywords and topics
  • Generate output!

Both these platforms offer content creation for blogs, social media, email newsletters, and digital marketing Ad copies. But users worldwide have agreed that and Jasper AI have their respective specialties in the form of use-cases that they’re good at! Let’s find out which one is good at what!

Use Case Mastery

Although both platforms offer a large variety of content templates, there is a clear distinction in the type of outputs they give. Especially for more popular templates like long-form articles and Facebook Ads. As we used both Jasper AI and Copy AI, it became clear, that long paragraphs and blog outlines generated by Jasper AI were at a higher reading level. We also noticed that Jasper AI stitched complex ideas together better than the paragraphs and outlines generated by Copy AI.

Here is the output for each when we asked them “Can Artificial Intelligence create art?”.


Jasper AI


Jasper AI

You can see that the outline generated by Jasper AI is quite objective when compared to

Here, asks deeper questions and appears to be more conversational. It is easier to generate paragraphs for objective statements, therefore writing a blog with Jasper AI proved to be faster and cleaner than

Now before you rush to the conclusion that Jasper AI is better than, there is something I’d like you to see.

We asked both the platforms to write Facebook Ad Primary Texts and Headlines for us. And both did a great job at introducing the product and they also added CTAs to the Ads! However, addressed the deeper pain points of the target audience and did a better job at hooking the attention with headlines. Something that even the most experienced copywriters can miss. Here is the primary text and headline output by both platforms for an “Artificial Intelligence Training Workshop”.


Jasper AI


Jasper AI

As you can see definitely won this round for short-form writing. But I am sure that by now, you too must have noticed the difference in the communication styles between the two. Therefore, what we are going to do next, is compare the content quality and the communication style between Jasper AI and

If you want to see a detailed analysis of how well performed with creative writing I have done a whole review here.

Content Quality

I have to be honest here, I personally like to write objectively and sometimes way too much so. However, keeping my personal biases aside, I must admit that the most reader-friendly writing is the best writing. I did a Grammarly performance check five times to try and see if Jasper AI scores more than at least once. But every single time scored higher on overall performance and it was clear as to why. As much as I personally prefer the surgical objectivity of Jasper AI, there is much more expression, emotion, and artistic depth in the content generated by So for writing a research paper, business proposal, or technical product description I would recommend Jasper AI. But for Headlines, Fb Ads, or a conversational blog that is trying to reach a wider audience, I would recommend

Jasper AI


Both and Jasper AI score high on grammar and we did not find any plagiarism in any content generated by either. However, both platforms struggled with mild repetition and a deep fact check is something that every user should be extra rigorous with. Despite scoring higher on creative content performance, and being pocket friendly, I found myself going back to Jasper AI more frequently than Here is why…


Jasper AI has a clean and user-friendly interface for every interaction. Which means that you can log in, select a template, and simply get to work. Whereas has multiple minor but collectively major sticky points in its UI. The interface requires five clicks to reach a feature where two would have sufficed.

In terms of UX/UI, we liked Jasper AI more. Because it is simple and intuitive yet forgettably effortless when it comes to selecting templates, entering inputs, and copying the outputs. Whereas, feels like a clunky puzzle to solve. It has an excess of grayed-out buttons and ironically it is incredibly difficult to actually copy the content generated by And if you compare the interactiveness speed of the two platforms, is significantly slower.

Knowing what I know now, I would definitely recommend looking past the quality of UI of And considering that it offers such a high quality of content at such a low cost. 

Price: Which one is cheaper or Jasper AI?

Speaking of cost, there is a clear winner between Jasper AI and is far more economical and pocket-friendly and offers significantly high value even in its free plans. However, we experienced highly powerful long-form content creation with Jasper AI, especially in its Boss Mode. Let’s go into a bit more detail to help you decide which one you should opt for.

Monthly Subscription

Jasper AI

Annual Subscription

Jasper AI offers three plans for Free, Pro, and Enterprise levels to its customers as monthly or annual subscriptions. This is great for individuals and smaller organizations. Because it allows users to test the full strength of the platform free of cost. And without the need to enter their credit card details. In the Free plan, limits the content generation to 100 runs a day. The number of runs is the number of times that you click on the “Create Copy” button. If you like and need more copies than what is offered in the Free plan, you should check out the Pro plan. It starts at $49/month and offers unlimited credits to users. This plan is offered at a discounted rate of $35/month if you pay annually. The Enterprise plan involves custom pricing and offers collaboration options with content creators and social media managers.

While has plans based on credits which we need to calculate, Jasper AI offers plans based on word count. Another example of where simplicity attracts a user better.

Now unlike, Jasper AI doesn’t offer any free plans but it does, however, offer a free trial for 10,000 words worth of content generation. Jasper AI has two types of plans called Starter mode and Boss Mode.

While we get to experience all the features of even in its Free plan, we cannot say the same for Jasper AI. The Starter mode, which starts at $29/month for 20,000 words, gave us access to all base templates. These include short-form content like product descriptions, single paragraphs, and even chat support. But we experienced highly sophisticated long-form content generation, only after purchasing Boss Mode which starts at $59/month for 50,000 words. Jasper AI’s Boss Mode offers really powerful tools for writing full-length content like blog posts. It also has a Google Docs style editor which is a huge plus when compared to its Starter plan.

Jasper AI’s Boss Mode has Surfer integration for SEO and is better at context creation.
Keeping its features and offerings in mind, Jasper AI is better for individuals or organizations with a need for high volumes of long-form content writing. And is better for individuals and organizations who need more short-form creative text or are currently on a tight budget. When you consider the cost of good quality content writers in the market, both these platforms are worth the price they ask for. This is especially true if you learn how to use them to extract the maximum value for yourself and your team.


When it comes to learning how to use these softwares, Jasper AI is pretty straightforward and intuitive. Whereas, Copy AI has a bit of a learning curve that a user needs to go through. Both the platforms have put significant effort into teaching people how to use their software best. However, Jasper AI has a more formalized way of training its users through a free academy at There is also an option to become a Jasper Certified Expert. Users get high-quality lessons and Bootcamps on how to get started and use its features to create blog content at scale. It also offers lessons on copywriting and highly valuable articles by industry experts.

On the other hand, trainings can be found on their Youtube page. You can find hundreds of video tutorials by the team and creators from across the world. Although informal in style, they consistently create very high-quality lessons on how to use the platform and how to generate copy that converts. isn’t offering any formal certification as of yet.

Final Verdict

Jasper AI and Copy AI are two of the most popular artificial intelligence writing platforms on the market for a reason. They may have very different approaches to how they handle content generation, yet they have dedicated user bases worldwide. The best part is that they are always learning and evolving. Jasper AI is designed to be more of a long-form content platform, while is designed for handling short-form creative copy for digital marketing. Jasper AI can be better for organizations that want to generate large-scale blog content, and technical product descriptions and need cross-platform integrations. While Copy AI is better suited for individuals and businesses that want a more creative tone to their copy.

While choosing a writing assistant we must not forget that the aim of an AI writing assistant is to assist and not replace. These platforms are far from operating on their own and their performance primarily depends on the inputs they receive. and Jasper AI both are able to automatically generate content from natural language descriptions. This enables content creators, copywriters, bloggers, and students to simply describe what they want their content to focus on. And the writing assistant then simply proceeds to generate the content for them. The potential applications of this technology are immense, and it could revolutionize the way content is created. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how these platforms develop in the future and we are here for all of it! We love testing and reviewing new technologies for you! . And we have also done dedicated reviews on independent performances of writing platforms like Jasper AI,, and for you to explore!