The Best Copywriting Tool Available

Written By: Derek Gehl


 Minute Read is an AI Copywriter tool designed to make life easier. It provides a simple structure that helps write blog posts, social media posts, bulk posts, and other SEO-driven content. It does so by using a complex algorithm that pulls information to draft a refined final copy.

We have decided to dive into and learn about the characteristics of this software that make it a successful AI copywriting option for any purpose. From our experience, we’ve found that with its simple interface and impressive content, is a solid option for anyone seeking to streamline and simplify day-to-day tasks.

Our Verdict: Straight to what you want to know!

Overall Score

3.9/ 5

Sentence Structure

5/ 5


5/ 5

Overall Content

4.5/ 5


4.5/ 5

Long Blog Posts/Articles

4/ 5

Social Media Posts/Ads

5/ 5


4.5/ 5

Collaboration Tools

5/ 5

Overall Ease of Use

5/ 5

Voice and Tone

3.5/ 5


5/ 5

How Does It Write Content? relies on a series of algorithms that expertly pull from a backlog of written content and then use that content to generate new content. This includes everything from blogs to website landing pages to e-commerce descriptions.

COPYSMITH.AI - SENTENCE STRUCTURE: 5/5 even has a tool to assist in the brainstorming process for enhancing already written content. These features make a well-rounded tool driven by artificial intelligence.

The Goal Of

The goal of is to simplify the writing process for anyone. By drawing on the elaborate AI-driven algorithm, can drastically reduce time spent writing emails, product descriptions, and blog posts, among other areas of expertise. It can give feedback on pre-written content and add the much-needed glamour to spice up a piece.

This allows for any professional to amplify their work capabilities and focus time and energy where it might be needed more. By saving time on the content, you can have more time to focus elsewhere. And in today’s day and age, time is money.

What Exactly Can Do?

Here we are going to go over ten examples of what can do. The tools found on the advanced interface are not limited to these examples, however. The actual scope of is relatively large. It is an essential tool for blog posts, social media ads, captions, and overall content creation.

Blog Title

While for some, the title might be the easiest thing to write. For others, it can be a pain to always think of unique and eye-catching ways to start a blog post. has a blog title feature that will give several options for a blog post, based on the content and subject of the blog.


We found that the titles we generated offered a good amount of variety and options. This allows you to choose the best-fitting title for your purpose, without any hassle. This is especially useful when the blog post has been drafted or written and you don’t want to spend any more time thinking of the best title for it.



Blog Outline

The blog outline tool helps get the bones of the blog post together. can help generate unique ideas that serve as inspiration for the blog post. You can then use this outline to expand further on the desired details. It serves as a good base for the blog post.

With you can choose to be as detailed or vague as you’d like with the input. The AI technology will use your input to create your content. They give you several options to choose from, which range from a simple, bare-bones outline to a more complex and detailed outline.


We loved the blog outline derived from There were not one, not two, but six outlines are given based on the input below. Each outline proved to be knowledgeable on the topic and almost self-aware of the direction of the blog post.



Blog Ideas

The feature was one of the most impressive tools for blog post writers. This is a great function for those that are struggling to think of the next blog topic but have a vague idea of the desired keywords.

All you have to do is enter your keywords, and let do the rest. The content created by can be used as a solid foundation for the article. This content comes across as extremely well-versed in the field.



Product Descriptions

We are going to step away from blog posts to now examine the various product descriptions generated by The technology here allows you to draft detailed and meticulous product descriptions, no matter where you are posting an item.

The sample below is a general product description. Five different product descriptions were crafted from the input given. Each description represents a thorough and educated understanding of the product. - Headlines: 4.5/5

You’ll notice that with the product descriptions, a little more information is asked of you. Here you can choose the desired tone of the output. In addition, you not only include keywords but also keywords you want to avoid.



Social Media Captions1

Social media is a popular place for sales, advertising, and inventory. No matter the business, social media is a good location to expand and reach all of your markets. That’s why social media posts and captions are so important. helps draft social media captions with SEO-optimized keywords.

We were impressed by the ability of to take any topic and make a simple and direct post related to it. When it comes to social media, this AI technology knows the crowd and can use that for the perfect post.




FAQ Ideas

A good, information-driven website will offer a FAQ for all common questions about a product. The FAQ is an easily located information page to answer all questions that might come up frequently.

It can be difficult to put yourself in the customer’s mindset to come up with these questions on your own, however. That’s where can help out. While some questions generated were vague to our goal, there were still enough FAQ-generated lists to cover all bases.



Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can be a powerful form of advertising on social media. Advertisements can be a key source to expanding your reach. We were impressed with and the ability to draft smooth advertisement text.

We found that the more detail you input into it, the more detailed and articulate results you will receive. You can also choose the voice to tailor the advertisement to your target audience. - Social Media Posts/Ads: 5/5



One downfall is that, depending on the information you give, the tone of the content might not differ too much. Here we played around with different tones for the same product and description. In the example above, we used a friendly tone. In the example below, we used a professional tone. You’ll notice that the output content is similar between the two. Of course, this will vary with the details provided.



Listicles also has a list-making tool. All you have to do is enter the topic or keywords you would like your list to be centered around, and save yourself a little brainstorming. - Social Media Posts/Ads: 5/5

Overall, this function of is useful. The lists created are simple, easy to follow, and detailed. Some generated options are numbered lists, while options available give you an expansion on the list.

Some items on the list prove to be not entirely accurate. For example, for the sample below, we tried making a list of water sports to try. One example generated by is to go cycling near the lake. This is not an obvious choice for anyone looking to spend more time in the water.



AIDA Framework

Enter your text here...The AIDA Framework is a marketing concept that encompasses the idea that all consumers move through a series of steps when they make a purchasing decision. AIDA stands for attention, interest, desire, and action. can utilize the AIDA framework to help you draft the perfect approach for your next campaign. Overall, we were very impressed with the eye-grabbing ability of while using this framework.




Content Rewriter also has some useful tools to help improve the written content. We were especially impressed by the content rewriter proponent of All you have to do is submit your written paragraph, and generates several variations of the paragraph.

For the sample below, we entered a paragraph from this very article you are reading. pumped out four different variations of the paragraph. All of the variations are readable, smooth, and appealing.



How To Use

So far, we’ve gone through ten examples of some of the magic can do. While the range of goes beyond what we’ve talked about so far, these are some of the useful tools found here. also has a relatively easy interface to use. This AI technology is one of the first we’ve worked with, and we had no problem quickly navigating around the site. - Collaboration Tools: 5/5

Here is the first thing you’ll see on the main page of

On the far left sidebar, you’ll be able to create a new document, search through your files, create a bulk copy, manage your team, manage add-ons, or work with Ali (’s proofreading wizard).

Now if you are ready to create your content you have several options. You can not type in anything in the search function you see toward the top. If you don’t narrow down your search, you can browse the available functions for what you need.

All of the examples above were made by browsing available options and going from there. But it can be even easier than that with the second option.

The second option is to type in exactly what you are looking to do and hit the “get started” button. Once you type in the duty, will narrow down the results for you. You click the “get started” button and it will automatically generate what you are looking for.


If you like the sample given, you can click the “green thumbs up” button to create a new file with it. If you don’t like it, you can click the “red thumbs down” button and new content will be generated until you find something you like.

Things We Love About

In our experimentation, we stumbled across many characteristics of this software to love. Here are the most advantages to us as copywriters. Keep in mind that the advantages are not limited to these. The best way to experience the magic of this copywriting AI system for yourself is to give it a try.

Easy Interface has an incredibly easy interface to navigate. It is a great resource for those that are new to the wonders of AI and marketing. Everything on the website is clearly labeled and easy to find.

Large Quantity of Tools

The tools available on are plentiful. From managing social media posts to advertisements, to blog content there is no shortage of what it can assist you with.

Advanced SEO Tool Function

Many of the features on ask you to enter SEO keywords that you want to be included in the content. This function can also assist by telling you how popular the keyword is.

Content Enhancer also has some content-enhancing features. These help edit and glamorize already written content. This can be a great help when it comes to finding unique ways to portray a specific idea.

Great For The Team knows that teamwork can make the dream work. There are several key features (like the custom content creator where you and your team can create a content generator you can all use within the system) that allow for a cooperative team environment.

Things We Don’t Love About

Our team was a little hard-pressed to find downfalls in this copywriting AI system. Many of the downfalls of you will experience with any other AI writing software. While AI technologies are developing rapidly, they aren’t perfect yet.


Must Fact-Check

It’s important to note that while does create a unique blend of content, it is not perfect. This is not a fact-checking tool. You should make sure you fact-check any content derived from the system.

Some Content Reads Choppy

Some of the content can read as choppy or forceful (it does not read naturally). While this was rare in our experience, it did happen. This is an easy fix by giving some small tweaks and edits before finalizing the content.

Repetitive Content

If you are going through all of the options provided by the software, you might notice that some content is a little repetitive. This doesn’t disrupt the overall function of the product, but can be a little annoying to sift through at times.

How Much Does Cost?

The price of varies depending on how many members are on your team and how often you want to generate new content. The current prices below for monthly/annual billing are pictured below:


The Starter package is great for small teams. It has limited content-generated data available, however. This package includes 25 test credits a month, 3 custom generators a month, and 20 plagiarism checks a month.


The Enterprise contract, on the other hand, includes up to ten team members, unlimited test credits a month, 50 custom generators a month, and unlimited plagiarism checks a month.


Paying for the membership annually gives access to all of the same features but at a slightly better price.

Free Trial does offer a seven-day free trial. During this trial, you have free reign of the website, and all of the tools found there. This offers a great chance to further explore the content-generators available to you

Is the Best Copywriting Software Out There?

The general consensus after experimenting with is that it is one of the best copywriting software available right now. This software uses advanced technology to draft coherent, smooth, and high-quality content.

  • Easy To Use. The interface of is incredibly easy to navigate, making it a great option for those that are less familiar with AI technology and capabilities. 
  • Popular Marketing Formula. The formulas used to generate content are popular and effective formulas used within marketing.
  • Copious Content Tools Available. The list of things that can help you with, from generating entire paragraphs from scratch to expanding a list to making a list, is endless.
  • Great Customer Care and Support. has great customer care. They have Youtube tutorial videos to help get you started, as well as instant customer support available if your questions can’t be found in the extensive FAQ.
  • Affordable. Compare to other products on the market, comes at a great price. When you think about the amount of time saved creating new content, this software practically pays for itself.

These are just a few of the advantages we found with that are worth drawing more attention to. Overall, we found this is an excellent product for any and all copywriting assistance. stands out above every other software we have tried, and fortunately, with their free trial, you can see for yourself.