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Written By: Derek Gehl


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Are you trying to figure out whether is any good? Then this is the only review that you need to read. And if you are here to learn how creates content and improves your Google ranking fast, then keep reading! Because this deep dive into the platform will satisfy all your curiosity about its content-optimization features, pros, cons, pricing, and best practices.

I have been using and reviewing several AI-powered content generation platforms over the last six months. So I had my biases limited in favor of and Jasper AI. As I started using, I thought, “If I see something that I haven’t seen a writing tool do before, I will throw a dollar at it.” 

But, here I am, two months later, eager to throw more of my dollars at And I am about to tell you whether or not you should do the same.

Our Verdict: Straight to what you want to know!

Overall Score

3.9/ 5

Video Headlines

3.5/ 5

Video Script Outlines

3/ 5

Photo Post Captions

4/ 5

Google Ads Headlines

4/ 5

Paragraph Generator

5/ 5

What is is an AI-powered content writer and optimizer. It analyzes your topic and provides you with the most relevant keywords to use in your content. It also gives you recommendations on how to optimize your content for better engagement and search ranking.

What this means for you is that you can get insights into what your audience wants to read. And then identify the best way to structure your content. For this, people either utilize an expensive SEO optimization tool or spend hours upon hours trying to come up with the perfect SEO strategy. This involves tweaking keywords, adjusting the metadata, and agonizing over every little detail in an effort to boost rankings.

Now the question is how can one software resolve all these issues for content creators and digital marketers? Let’s find out.

What does do?

Imagine you find the best copywriter in the world, and they agree to work for you. Now imagine that the content that they write for you, ends up on the 25th page of Google because of a mediocre SEO strategy. Terrifying…


No matter how sophisticated our content is unless we have an equally sophisticated SEO strategy, we might as well not bother writing. This is where comes in. And you are about to discover what it can actually do!

  • Create keyword research-based content outlines
  • Write content using Artificial Intelligence
  • Improve the ranking of existing websites
  • Track content performance and generate analytics

What features does have?

The four main feature categories that offers are Documents, AI Tools, Outline, and Analytics. has kept all these easily visible on the dashboard, as soon as you log in. This is a user-friendly positive since these are the top parameters that content creators aim to regulate, for creating high-quality content that drives results.

But there is also one additional important feature called Frase Answers. It is a chatbot that can analyze your websites and create a useful knowledge base to answer your customer queries automatically. However, the access to Frase Answers is quite poorly placed on the dashboard and labeled merely as “Switch”. It is highly likely that this feature goes unnoticed by users until much later.

To avoid any such lapses, I have created a flow to help you navigate faster. And to help you quickly understand the overall usage of its features.

How to use Documents in

The Documents section has options to either import keywords in bulk and turn them into documents or create new documents.

If you click on the “New Document” button, you can choose to create a new document or optimize content on an existing webpage. Next, you can enter the “Target Search Query” focusing on what search terms you want to rank for. Then simply save your output in a dedicated document folder. I found this feature thoughtful and highly efficient because all content in is saved as Documents. It also sets the precedent for better content organization within the platform and allows you to locate all content easily.

New Content

Existing Content


There is also a subtle option for advanced settings at the bottom, which enable you to choose the country and language for your target audience.

Here you can also specify your “Search Type”. This means that automatically crawls the top twenty search results from Google but you can enter high ranking sites of your choice too. I would totally recommend not forgetting about this hidden gem when you try out for yourself.

And now that you know how documents can be created in, let’s create some AI powered content. For this you need to go to the AI tools tab on the navigation bar. This is where you’ll actually discover whether is any good for content writing!

How can we use to create content?

The AI Tools section, primarily includes the content templates of Currently there are twenty-seven default templates available on the dashboard.

  • Attention Interest Desire Action (AIDA Framework)
  • Problem Agitate Solution (PAS Framework)
  • Before After Bridge (BAB Framework)
  • Blog Introduction
  • Blog Title
  • Bullet point to Answers
  • Definition
  • Feature to Benefit
  • Featured Snippet
  • List of Questions
  • Listicle Ideas
  • Meta Description
  • Metaphor/Analogy
  • Next Paragraph
  • Next Sentence
  • Outline
  • Paragraph Compression
  • Paragraph Finisher
  • Paragraph Rewriter
  • Paragraph for Heading
  • Paragraph with Context
  • Pros & Cons
  • Related Topics
  • Sentence Rewriter
  • Summary Bullets
  • Taglines
  • Title Ideas

The templates listed above cover most popular business needs for SEO, blog creation, Q&A, marketing, rewrite and shortening. These are designed to help you simply input your topic, select a language, set a creativity level and generate an output. And we tested all of the templates and here is what we think.


Many default templates performed impressively on sentence structure, grammar and context creation. Here is an example of a blog intro written using a default template.

Blog Intro Input

Blog Intro Output

We also tested all the outputs for plagiarism to find none. However, many default templates like blog outline generated outputs that were irrelevant and repetitive.

Now before you rush to decide that isn't a content writing platform, here is something important I want to show you.

There is a category of templates available in AI Tools, under the “Community” tab. It has a collection of hundreds of templates designed by users. And these are the highly sophisticated templates published by industry experts for everyone to use!


I may have been initially disappointed by the poor quality content that the default templates created for me. But this was immediately overshadowed by the discovery of this gold mine called “Community”. Another important capability that is easy to miss out during the first interaction with the platform.

Below is a comparison of content quality between the Default Template vs Community Template. We asked them to generate a content outline for the topic, “Can AI create art?”. Template



Our Review

  • A reductive opening
  • Vague sub-section headlines
  • Irrelevant sub-section headlines
  • Poor context in conclusion




Our Review

  • Strong introductory opening
  • Excellent context development
  • Relevant sub-topics
  • Well defined conclusion outline

Therefore, my genuine recommendation here is to not even bother with the default writing templates of And jump straight to the Community templates which I would urge you to experience for yourself! And we only showed you a single outline generated by a Community template, there are hundreds more available.

Keep in mind that this template generated outline is not the Outline feature that you’re seeing on your route map.

The web optimization Outline feature is why became one of the best kept digital market secrets of 2022. Let’s find out what all the hype is about!


Can Outline generator help you rank #1 on Google search?

At first it may appear that this outline feature offers you outlines for your blogs or articles. But what you are seeing in front of you is actually an SEO powerhouse. It is designed to help you easily perform keyword research, and THEN create outlines for your articles. Here’s how it’s done…

Step 1

Type your key phrase and hit enter. Note that it has a limit of 30 characters.
You will see a list of Autocomplete Keywords, and a list of most Asked Questions connected to your key phrase.

Step 2

Select the questions to create a powerfully web-optimized content outline based on what your ideal audience is searching for. Now that’s truly powerful!

Step 3

Press “Create Document”. Here is an image of what the process looks like.

What will open in front of you next is the editor, ready to structure your content under the Content Brief tab.

Now this is not an ordinary content editor. Pay attention to the navigation bar on the right. What you see are highly sophisticated content optimisation tools like web ranking research, SERP, and Optimize.

SERP shows you every top-ranking page for your keywords. It also gives you data on word count, headlines, backlinks etc. This happens within seconds and puts you in a position to outrank competitors.

The Optimize section shows you a list of powerful keywords that you can use to create top-ranking SEO rich content. Within minutes!

Meet the Free Form AI Writer

You will also see the AI writer, which as you guessed right gives you the option to use content generation templates, as shown before. And one of templates under this section is the “Free Form AI writer which enables you to add context driven sections to your brief. This is one of the many features of that I would urge you to try out for yourself.

This is where things get even better:
Frase compares the content in your document to your search competitors' content.
Frase then grades you on your document's topic coverage–we call this a "Topic Score."

Everything that I showed you so far is just the surface of the true capabilities of this platform! I had a fun exploration session as I experimented with the editor and I recommend that you do the same. Here is a map to help you navigate the platform.

And once you feel satisfied with the quality of the content you have created, you can put it live and review your analytics. Not surprisingly, has Analytics capabilities to help you with just that!

Tracking Web Analytics with Analytics enables you to measure your organic performance and prevent your content from decaying. Google Search console integration allows to access every website that you manage.
The Content Analysis dashboard demonstrates your KPIs, queries and page stats which you can navigate further for deeper analytics.

We found this to be a pretty standard analytics board where you can track your results and see how your content is performing.

As you must have noticed from the description above, we didn't find anything special or exciting in the Analytics feature. However, what we did find most exciting is the Frase Answers Dashboard. And if you too want to know how to benefit from the unparalleled SEO magic of this underrated content Ginnie, then keep reading.

Remember how I said that many features of are so inconspicuous that users
might not even notice them until after several log-ins, just like I didn’t. Here is what I mean…

At the bottom left of your Dashboard you will see a “Switch” button. Here you can switch between the Frase Content section (which we just covered) and the Frase Answers section, which we are about to review.

Frase Answers: Why you need Answer Engine Optimisation (AEO not just SEO)

Have you noticed lately that, when you search for a question, Google can directly give you an answer? Even before it offers you links with possible answers? This is called Answer Engine Optimisation. And with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, search engines have now become answer engines. This means that they can find answers to highly complex questions and understand sophisticated context. Answer Engine Optimisation involves creating web content based on most asked questions and making it machine readable.

What this means for you, is that your content can now be up there as the best answer to your audience's questions.

You can use this feature and increase the traffic on your websites and therefore increase sales. Frase Answers analyzes all your website content and creates a dataset which can be used to assist all your customer queries. You can create FAQ’s, and Help sections for your audience. There is a complete guide on how to build your own web assistant that can welcome your site visitors.

All these features together can definitely take a site to the front page of Google. And does a good job of bringing it all to you at a reasonable price. 

How much does cost?

Depending on your needs offers three types of subscriptions.

Basic Plan: It starts at $44.99/month and includes automated content briefs, topic scoring, and default templates. It is however limited to 30 document credits and one user only.

Team Plan starts at $114.99/month and can be used by three users. There is no limit on the document credits in this plan and you can access advanced analytics.

The Enterprise plan is more suited to larger teams that need unlimited document credits and space for unlimited users. 

Room for Improvement:

  • Although it supports six languages, these are quite restricted to European areas.
  • The platform is a bit of a labyrinth. It took me 17 back clicks from the “Free form AI Writer” feature to reach the main dashboard. A home button is desperately needed on all pages of this platform due its remarkable depth and complexity.
  • Many important features could be made more noticeable so that the user does not miss out on them.

Final Verdict:

If you're looking for a sure shot way to rank number 1 on Google Search you should use It is not just what it can do for your business, but how fast it can do it all.

This revolutionary tool uses artificial intelligence to help you plan and optimize your content. It can expedite your optimization goals. Best of all, is constantly learning and evolving, so you can be sure that you're always getting the latest data. So if you're serious about improving both your writing and ranking, is the tool for you.

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