Grammarly Review

Can Grammarly Be Trusted? The 2022 Review You Need To Read ASAP!

Written By: Derek Gehl


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As a technology writer, I shudder at the thought of writing without Grammarly active in my browser. Now am I just another victim of powerful marketing? Or did I make an informed decision to choose Grammarly over all other grammar checkers on the market? In this review, I will answer every query you could have about the software. Is Grammarly worth it? How on earth does Grammarly have almost 30 million daily active users? And if the rumors that, Grammarly steals your work, are true or false...

If you have never used Grammarly before, then this review will help you decide whether you should use it or not. And if you are already a Grammarly user then here you will learn how to use the platform to the best of its capacity. I will also divulge how senior writers use its features and all the latest updates that could directly impact your work. 

Our Verdict: Straight to what you want to know!

Overall Score

3.9/ 5

Video Headlines

3.5/ 5

Video Script Outlines

3/ 5

Photo Post Captions

4/ 5

Google Ads Headlines

4/ 5

Paragraph Generator

5/ 5

Who Can Use Grammarly?






What Does Grammarly Do? A TLDR:


Grammarly is a grammar checking tool that helps you achieve error-free writing. It can be used for both casual and formal writing. And can help you improve your grammar skills over time. Grammarly scans your text for errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. It also offers suggestions for improving your writing style. It makes sure your English is correct and consistent, and it helps you avoid common writing mistakes. Now before you decide that Grammarly is only for people with poor grammar skills, there is something I want you to see.


Scans your text to highlight all existing grammar errors.


Doesn’t miss a single dot or quote in the wrong place.


Understands context and suggests better words and phrases.

Sentence Structure

Improves sentence clarity and readability.


Checks for the percentage of originality and highlights any matches for plagiarism.

Spell Check & Context

Protects you from using “Baking” where “Banking” should be used.

As a writer, it literally is my job to have a perfect command of English grammar and punctuation. Yet along with millions of other writers, students, teachers, and business professionals, I use it every single day for everything I write.

I use it as a free online grammar checker and as a paid app for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. Yes, my team and I actually use it across multiple devices according to our business requirements.


There are five ways you can get your content scanned by Grammarly. Let me tell you how we do it and take you through Grammarly’s features and functionalities in detail. 

Using Grammarly On Different Devices & Platforms:

I usually use Grammarly in my browser as an extension and on my machine as an overall grammar checker. But while writing this review I realized how effortlessly Grammarly has been assisting me on pretty much every device that I use.

Grammarly on the Web

To access Grammarly on the web, you can simply sign in to from any web browser. Here you can either click to upload your document or select “New” to write directly into the Grammarly editor.

Grammarly Desktop App

You can download a desktop app for Windows or Mac directly from the Grammarly website. Once you install it, it is quite similar to the Grammarly web platform.

Browser Extension

The Grammarly browser extension takes care of ALL the grammar in ALL the text you ever write in that browser. In my long career as a writer, I am yet to see anything that matches the simplicity and power of the Grammarly browser extensions. It covers online document editors like Google Docs, all social media, comments, messages, and even web forms! It supports all major browsers like Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox.

Grammarly for Microsoft Word

Considering how popular MS Word is, Grammarly offers a dedicated Plug-in for Microsoft Office users. You can easily download the Grammarly plug-in for MS Office for your Windows desktop

Grammarly Keyboard On Your Phone

It is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can simply go to your app store and download the Grammarly Keyboard and permit it to access your keyboard. This is a huge time saver. Because firstly, the Grammarly keyboard cleans your grammar while writing messages and comments on your social media. Secondly, it can also protect you from any mistakes if you are somebody who likes to reply to work emails from your phone.

How Does Grammarly Work?

Grammarly uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze every word that you write. It utilizes technologies like Natural Language Processing and Pattern Analysis to improve your content. It constantly learns from billions of data points and offers suggestions to improve your grammar, spelling, context, and even vocabulary. Let’s find out how you can use this tool to extract maximum value from its offerings.

The Grammarly Live Editing Experience

Grammarly has a fairly standard editor with a clean interface and offers all the basic functionalities that you need for writing. But on the right-hand side, there is a panel where the actual magic happens. Let’s see what happens when I give this editor some text to review.

As you can see, Grammarly has not only caught the wrong use of “its” instead of “it’s”. It also offers options to change the wording and remove redundancy.



If you open the correction suggestions, you can see that it also offers to rewrite the sentence to help you improve clarity.


On the further right panel of your Grammarly web app is an indicator. It rates your work on critical factors like correctness, clarity, engagement, delivery, and a style guide.


Improves grammar, spelling, and punctuation.


Helps make your writing easier to understand.


Helps make your writing more interesting and effective


Helps you make the right impression on your reader.

Style Guide

Helps you stick to your organization’s writing guidelines.

Now at the rightmost bottom corner of your editor, is one of the most advertised features that Grammarly premium offers. Let’s find out if it truly lives up to all the claims.

Is the Grammarly Plagiarism Checker Good?

Grammarly detected plagiarism in this paragraph. This is an example of plagiarism because the author copied the content from another website without giving credit. Although the design is very clear, Grammarly highlights all matching sources with one color which can be confusing for the user. I slightly paraphrased the paragraph to test if Grammarly could still detect plagiarism. It could!


However, with heavier editing and paraphrasing it was unable to detect plagiarism as well as other popular plagiarism tools like Turnitin.

The plagiarism checker is a premium feature of Grammarly, so I would not recommend purchasing it if you’re only looking for a plagiarism checker. It is a strong plagiarism checker, but there are stronger and cheaper alternatives in the market. Now, this doesn’t mean that I don’t recommend paying for Grammarly Premium. I myself do and here is why…

Is Grammarly Premium Worth it?

Grammarly perfectly edits your content for grammar, spelling, and punctuation in its free version. But it also hosts a powerhouse of features in its premium version. Grammarly Premium ensures that you have consistency in your content and scans for fluency. Conciseness of language is a core brand value for Grammarly and something they offer in both free and premium versions. However, Grammarly Premium takes it up a few notches by offering clarity-focused sentence rewriting and formatting. This is where I get the most value for my money in Grammarly Premium.


It is an immensely powerful tool that uses Artificial Intelligence. It can generate the best sentence alternatives for you while detecting the tone and increasing the confidence level of your content.

Grammarly Premium offers features that ensure that your content is polite, powerful, and inclusive. All this while giving you the option to check your content for originality with a significantly strong plagiarism checker.

To help you make a decision, I have put together a quick feature comparison table between the Free and Premium Versions of Grammarly.




Grammar Check

Spelling and Punctuation

Fluency Check

Conciseness Check

Clarity Focused Rewriting

Vocabulary Level Check

Tone Detection

Confidence Level Check

Politeness and Inclusivity Check

Plagiarism Check

Team Collaboration

Licenses & Users



Now if you’re a business owner then Grammarly has serious power tools synced up in its Enterprise version called Grammarly for Business.

How Can Grammarly Help Your Business

Grammarly Business offers everything included in Grammarly Premium along with additional features for successful enhanced team collaboration. Grammarly Business allows individual accounts and team management for up to 135 users. You can add your team members, colleagues, and students to one business account. Grammarly has taken the world by storm by becoming one of the most dependable and collaborative editing software for organizations.

Here are some more powerful features offered by Grammarly Business.

Brand Tone

Customize and create a dedicated brand tone profile. Grammarly Business then scans your content to ensure that it aligns with your organization’s brand voice. A tone profile guides your team on what tones to include and which ones to avoid.

Style Guide

Design a dynamic company Style Guide to ensure that all employees use consistent terminologies in their text. Grammarly Business offers real-time suggestions for correction on the go. Ensure that the entire team stays on-brand with everything that they write.

Analytics Dashboard

Identify team writing trends. Make informed decisions on account license allocations. Understand how your team uses grammar and formatting recommendations to enhance the quality of your brand content. Analytics on team productivity and brand tone popularity!


Queues that create Ready-to-use sentences and paragraphs that you can reuse. You can also make dedicated Snippet collections for different user groups within your organization. Available only for Grammarly on the desktop for Windows or Mac.

Over the last few years, Grammarly Business has exponentially grown in popularity, and for good reason. As a business owner, Grammarly Business gives you a Priority Email Support feature that helps your VIP subscribers skip the support queue. This acts as a huge customer satisfaction factor in the long run.

I personally vouch for this feature. Because it allows me to relax and know that all my customer tickets are being attended to, with the highest quality replies. This is why I happily pay for Grammarly Business after having used Grammarly Premium for over two years. Let’s see what the price difference is between all these plans and which one is best for you.

How Much Does Grammarly Cost?

A monthly Grammarly Premium subscription will cost you $30 USD for a no commitment and anytime cancellation plan. A quarterly subscription will cost you lesser at a discounted price of $60 USD and billed every three months. I would recommend an annual subscription of $144 USD per year which comes down to an irresistible $12 USD/month at that rate.

For Grammarly Business you can subscribe to monthly and annual plans. A monthly, no-commitment plan starts at $25 USD/user/month. The annual plan on the other hand gets billed as one payment depending on the size of your team. Here is a breakdown:

Up to 9 users


/user /year

At an average of $15 USD/month

50 - 149 Users


/user /year

At an average of $12.50 USD/month

Now if you want to try Grammarly Premium or Business features but don’t want to pay for the trial, I got you covered.

How To Get A Free Trial for Grammarly Premium?

It isn’t easy to find a free trial for Grammarly Premium on the web. At least not a link that will work. But I am going to tell you exactly how you can try all the premium features of Grammarly Premium without paying a single penny! Here’s how…

  • Sign up for Grammarly with a new email. (Doesn’t work for existing Grammarly accounts)
  • As soon as you log in, you will be suggested to go Premium.
  • Select the monthly plan and proceed to payment details(You won’t get charged at sign up).
  • Fill in payment details and access all Premium features!

Now if you feel like you don’t like Grammarly Premium and don’t want to continue with the subscription, you can simply cancel your subscription. And as long as you cancel it within 7 days of signing up you won’t be charged anything at all!

Is Grammarly Worth The Price? Our Verdict:

Given how much money and time it has saved me, my writers, and my editors, the answer is, “Yes”! One hundred percent yes!

  • Saves hours by doing a real-time text scan for all major and minor grammar and formatting errors
  • Has an effortlessly smooth user interface
  • Revolutionary support for non-native users of the English language.
  • Easy to use on all platforms
  • Grammarly is trusted by nearly 30 million daily active users globally and does not steal your content. No matter how many times you run your work through it, Grammarly does not clash with Turnitin submissions.

Grammarly Offers Four Dialects of the English Language

British English

American English

Australian English

Canadian English

What Limitations Does Grammarly Have?

  • There is a character limit of 100,000 in the text editor on the web. Even in paid plans. However, there is no character limit in Google Docs or apps.
  • It can generate missing citations but not in APA or Harvard
  • The grammar checker in the browser has a significant lag. I would recommend waiting at least ten minutes for all suggestions to show up.
  • Offers suggestions for corrected grammar but doesn’t always apply them unless you type them out explicitly. 

Whether you are a working professional, a student, or anyone who writes regularly, you likely understand the intrinsic value of clarity in communication. I can confidently say that I can depend on Grammarly to do a clean-up of large volumes of text.

A writer wants to indulge in higher-order thinking, imagination, and context creation. Rather than struggle with the usage of “that” vs “which”. Grammarly helps here.

Most people know Grammarly as that little red squiggly line that pops up when you make a mistake in your writing. But Grammarly is so much more than just a spell checker! Grammarly can help you with everything from grammar and punctuation to sentence structure and style. With Grammarly, you can be sure that your writing is clear, concise, and error-free. So why not give Grammarly a try? You might just be surprised at how much it can help you improve your writing.