Jasper.AI Review

I Used an AI Writing Assistant For a Month! Here is our honest Jasper.ai Review!

Written By: Derek Gehl


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For the last four weeks, my team and I have been spent countless hours Jasper.ai through its paces (formerly known as Conversion.ai and then Jarvis.ai), one of the original artificial intelligence writing tools that’s constantly innovating and growing both in features and market share.

Below you will find the results of our testing where we work to tame the claims and give you an objective and thorough Jasper.ai review.

And I should mention, this Jasper.ai review was written by humans 🙂

Jasper.ai Review - Overview & Summary

Jasper.ai Dashboard

Overall Score

4/ 5

Video Headlines

5/ 5

Video Script Outlines

4/ 5

Google Ads Headlines

4/ 5

Paragraph Generator

4/ 5

Long Form Articles

4/ 5

Facebook Ads Primary Text

4/ 5

Facebook Ads Headlines

4/ 5


3.5/ 5

Product Description (Google & Amazon)

5/ 5

How Does Jasper.ai Write Content?

Jasper is powered by Open AI's GTP3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) autoregressive language model. It is an autoregressive language model that uses Deep Learning to produce human-like text. It can understand the context of a piece of text and then generate new text that is relevant to the topic.

Open AI has been used to generate copy for websites such as the Google News website and the Huffington Post.

The Jasper AI Content Creation Experience

Jasper AI offers an intuitive user interface offering an impressive range of ready-to-use writing templates.

With each template, you start by entering your input as the topic and keywords and then select the tone of voice, ranging from friendly, witty, funny, and professional to Optimus Prime, Tony Stark and more.

Once you’ve filled out the required fields, select the number of outputs you want and then click the “Generate AI content” button, and you’ll instantly generate paragraphs of text as Output.

Jarvis.ai Paragraph Generator Template

It’s that simple.

The AI, The Sci-Fi, The Marketing: The Claim

Jasper AI is a copywriting and content writing platform that uses artificial intelligence to help you create better ad copy and general content for your website, blogs, videos, and social media, much faster than writing it on your own.

Jasper.ai can help you brainstorm ideas, write long-form copy, short-form ad copy, powerful headlines, and so much more.

The platform also offers a variety of features that make it easier to collaborate with others, track your progress, and get feedback on your work. This is a massive benefit if you are working with a team.

Simply put, Jasper AI is a powerful writing assistant.

And because Jasper AI is powered by GTP3, it just keeps getting better and better OpenAI continues to develop the technology.

It not only creates ad copy to convert impressions into clicks and visitors into buyers, it also helps you optimize the content for specific keywords to help you rank better on Google.

And in a day and age where content demands are continually increasing, Jasper.ai is a content creation shortcut that can't be beaten.

Jasper's ability to automatically research your topic and come up with ideas for new content is nothing short of amazing. 

Jasper.ai Review - The Deep Dive

Over the last week, we tested all fifty-five Jasper.ai content and copywriting templates, observing each for grammar, plagiarism, repetition, and most importantly, creativity.

And although my team and I tried them all, here is a review of ten of the more popular ones:

Jasper.ai - YouTube Headlines: 5/5

Jasper.ai has headline templates for webpages, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and YouTube videos. Time and time again it impressed us with the witty, attention-grabbing, and engaging headlines it was able to output with limited input.


When generating headlines for your website, Jasper.ai even asks you to input the keywords you want to rank for if you are going to be posting this video on YouTube.

What’s more, when I changed the tone of voice from “witty” to “professional”, I was pleasantly surprised to find that even with deliberate seriousness of voice, Jasper can generate impressive headlines.

JASPER.Ai - Video Script Outlines: 4/5

In addition to video titles, we were also impressed with Jasper's ability to generate video script outlines. With a simple title, we were amazed at how quickly it would compile a relevant list of points to cover.

This works best with “How to” youtube videos and listicles. Here's an example of a video script outline:


Jasper.ai - Google Ads Headlines: 3.5/5

Anyone who's tried to write headlines for Google Adwords knows how frustrating it is to write something that stands out in 30 characters or less.

I love this Jasper.ai Template. 

All I need to do is write a brief description about the business or product I want to advertise, using as many characters as I want, and voila, Jasper.ai spits out numerous headlines to choose from, all under 30 characters.

Jasper.ai - Paragraph Generator: 4/5

This was our favorite feature of Jasper AI. This is a feature that anyone trying to product content FAST will absolutely love. 

The sentences generated by the Paragraph Generator of Jasper AI could easily pass the Turing Test and it would be very difficult to spot for most people that they were written by software and not a person!

In fact, one paragraph in this article is written by the paragraph generator of Jasper AI.

Can you tell which one? 😉

That said, it only got a 4/5 because as impressive as it may be, this template of Jasper AI, struggles with mild repetition and needs a vigilant fact check.

Jasper.ai - Long-Form Assistant: 4/5

Jasper AI offers two paths to writing long-form articles and essays.

You can choose “Start From Scratch” which is very similar to a paragraph generator.

Or you can choose to use the “Blog Post Work Flow” and this is where you see the true power of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.

Here you can enter inputs for the headline, and Jasper offers a long list of thoughtful and intriguing titles for you to choose from. You can then move on to entering keywords for your introductory paragraph and Jasper whips out sentence after sentence of highly engaging text within a few seconds.

Apart from mild repetition and the need for a fact check, another limitation of this template was the connectivity between the paragraphs that it generated.

But no matter which way you slice it, Jasper will do high-quality heavy lifting content creation for writers, bloggers, journalists, and students.

JASPER.ai - Facebook Ads Primary Text: 4/5

This one really surprised us!

Jasper AI can write excellent primary text for Facebook Ads, depending on how much information you give it while defining inputs and product info.

It can place the company/product name tactfully within sentences and add high emotion to the copy!

However, it could go a bit easy on the use of adjectives while praising the product. Keep in mind that Jasper generates not one but multiple outputs for primary text, so you also have the option to mix and match the best sentences to create a high converting copy within minutes.

JASPER.ai - Facebook Ads Headlines: 3.5/5

Facebook Headlines generated by Jasper AI were on par with the other headline templates, crafting unique, engaging headlines. 

And even if you don't use one the headlines from Jasper.ai verbatim, we found that the ideas it came up with would give us new ideas, we'd have never thought of on our own.

Jarvis.ai Headline Template Generator

JASPER.AI - Emails: 3.5/5

Jasper’s email templates can be used for shortening product descriptions and offers into impactful bullet points, and creating persuasive sales emails.

However, once you experience paragraph generation done by Jasper, you too will be tempted to use that for writing emails instead of Jasper’s actual email template.

JASPER.ai - Product Descriptions: 5/5

Its capacity to create compelling product descriptions that can be readily used on websites, emails, and social media, is precisely why Jasper is so hot in the market right now!

You simply enter the company/product name, the keywords, and the tone of voice, and Jasper writes shockingly good product descriptions which are almost always ready to use!

This is proving to be a game-changer in the e-commerce space, especially for businesses that are aiming to scale.

Things We Loved When Reviewing Jasper.ai


This one really blew us away! We entered a list of features into the feature-to-benefit template of Jasper AI. And it generated a surprisingly impressive list of benefits within a few seconds!

Smart Copy

Jasper is able to automatically insert links into your copy, based on the context of your copy. This means that you won't have to worry about adding links manually, which can save you a lot of time.

Content Ideas

Jasper provides you with ideas for new content pieces. This can be helpful if you're struggling to come up with new ideas for your blog or website.

Content Improver

Jasper can rewrite massive chunks of content, very fast. With surprisingly good rewording and little to no grammatical errors.

Limitations and Taming the Jasper.ai Claims:

The biggest precaution you need to take with Jasper AI is to remember that it is a writing assistant, not a research engine. 

It is critical that you use a fact-checker for the content generated using Jasper AI and comb through the content looking for repetition.

When selecting the tone of voice in each category- it does show a greyed-out example, like ‘witty’ or ‘professional’. However, a better UX approach would be a drop-down list of inputs for the tone of voice and tags for keywords.

Jasper.ai ads all over the internet are claiming that it produces copy that is, “Better than a writer”.

The truth is that it doesn’t.

It writes just like a good-quality writer but not better and it still has a long ways to go before it can truly replace a top level copywriter. 

The only factor that makes it better than a good writer is the astronomical time-saving aspect of it.

Another claim, that Jasper AI can write Youtube scripts is actually just a clever wordplay on the fact that you can generate script outlines and then further content on each heading of the outline. However, you can’t yet directly generate Youtube scripts using Jasper AI.


Free Trial

Free To Try


For hobbiest just getting started




Starting at $29/month for 20,000 words/month

I started out with the Starter mode which gave us access to all base templates, short-form content like product descriptions, single paragraphs, and even chat support.

But we decided to take it up a notch and upgrade to Boss Mode. And it did indeed go up a few notches because it gave us everything from the starter plan plus really powerful tools for writing full-length content like blog posts with added functionality.

The most important of which was the presence of a Google Docs style editor in Boss Mode which is a huge plus when compared to the Starter plan.

Is Jasper.ai Boss Mode worth the upgrade?

Boss Mode is just Jasper.ai but nearly 5x faster and much more competent at long-form writing  along with a few additional perks including: 

1. 3X faster response time from the Jasper AI team.

2. Direct integration with SurferSEO

3. A highly efficient feature called Command Jasper found in Jasper AI which allows you to create content simply by giving Jasper a command and then hitting CMD + Enter or CTRL + Enter on PC. 

Keeping its features and offerings in mind let me summarise both the plans side by side for you to see for yourself.


For hobbiest just getting started

  • No limit on the number of Projects
  • Support Available in 26 Languages
  • AI Copywriter’s Community
  • Starts at 20,000 Words/month
  • Access to all 55 Templates
  • Support Available via quick Chat
  • No Limit on User Logins

Jasper AI also offers a 5- Day- 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee in both Starter and Boss Mode!

When you start using Jasper AI regularly, it is better to purchase the annual plan at up to 16% which offers two months worth of Jasper AI absolutely free. This makes perfect sense by saving you around $60 on the Starter and even more so by saving you at least $120 for Boss Mode. An annual plan purchase costs $24/month for Starter and $49/month for Boss Mode.

So our Verdict is?

Yes! Boss Mode is definitely worth the hype and the price.

But What is the Industry Verdict?

All these extensive details that I have shared about our experience with Jasper AI so far are actually supported by the thousands of reviews that are currently praising Jasper AI.

Trustpilot has over 2466 reviews that give Jasper AI an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5; a status that the majority of platforms take decades to reach. A quick browse through Capterra shows nearly 1000 reviews left by customers that rate Jasper AI at 4.9 stars out of 5.

Another respectable site where Jasper AI is rated 4.8 stars out of 5 by over 614 reviews, is G2, which is also currently hosting nearly 20 live discussions about this product.


Speaking of discussions, this review cannot be complete if we do not include the thriving community of Jasper lovers with a whopping fifty-eight thousand members.

You can find it on Facebook by the name of JasperNation aka Jasper Official Community. This is the place with the hottest topics and latest updates for users.

There are dozens of daily industry discussions here, with inputs and insights on techniques and efficiency, from experts all over the world.

Another noteworthy Jasper AI community on Facebook is Blogs by Jarvis, with nearly six thousand members!

Here you can also find extensive resources on blogging with Jasper, formerly known as Jarvis.

When I sent in a request to join, members were eager to direct me to resources and to brainstorm on any queries that I posted. It is a creative hub of talented and supportive people coming together in the love of creativity and technology.


While having supportive communities involving thousands of people is a plus, what is better is proactive customer support dedicated to the needs of your customers. To get in touch with customer support all you have to do is write a quick email to hey@jasper.ai and within less than thirty minutes you will have someone from their team to assist you. And this feature is available for both Starter and Boss Mode customers. Now if you are using the Jasper app from your phone, you also have the option of an instant help option at your fingertips, just at the bottom right of your screen. Click “Get Support” and it first offers you options to navigate to pieces of training that are relevant to your query. It also gives you access to a rich resource base of appropriate help documentation.

If you don’t find the solution to your question you can simply use the “Ask” button to raise a ticket and someone from their team will reach back to you within a couple of hours. Interacting with their support team was a great experience for me personally and made me feel like I could depend on them. This is one very hard-working team!

The Brains Behind All This Brawn!

In January 2021, the world saw Artificial Intelligence harnessed into software that could write copy for you. A software that was first called Jarvis and now is known as Jasper AI. This was the brainchild of six industry experts, who had previous experience of establishing significantly successful platforms like Proof! And within months of its launch thousands of people across the globe started using Jasper AI and this was only because the team behind Jasper knew exactly what it was doing in terms of technology, marketing, quality, education and customer service!
Each team member at Jasper AI including, Dave Rogenmoser, John Phillip Morgan, Chris Hull, Austin Distel, Megan Johnson, and James Morgan; have demonstrated more than once their industry expertise and the good products that came out of it.

A brief look into their individual profiles gives us a good sense of why and how Jasper AI became so successful, so fast under their flag.

Dave Rogensmore


Brings in previous experience of creating and lifting a successful startup like Proof from the ground. Both Proof and Jasper AI were backed by Y Combinator under the leadership of Dave as CEO.

John Phillip Morgan


Is the man behind the sophisticated tech used in Jasper AI. And just like Dave this isn’t his first time creating a successful startup! He too served with Proof as CTO, before moving on to Jasper AI.

Chris Hull


Can be best described as the lucky charm of the founding team at Jasper AI. This is because it is his third time being COO and founding partner of successful startups, including Jasper AI and Proof.

Austin Distel


Highly energetic and an expert marketeer, Austin understands the industry and its needs. His previous experience as CMO was a highly successful venture called… you guessed it right! Proof!

Megan Johnson

Client Success

Customer support at Jasper AI is a huge popularity factor among its users. And Megan clearly deserves the credit for creating such a culture with this platform.

James Morgan

The Script Master

Now when Jasper comes up with creative sentences for you, you have James to thank for that. He is responsible for teaching Jasper new content writing skills!
This is a team that seems to have worked so well together that they whip out one successful startup after another. 

Sharing Their Expertise With Us: Training the User

These days the market is getting flooded with sophisticated software every single day. However, what we find most impressive about a platform is when they consider the whole spectrum of skill levels and put extra effort into teaching people how to use their software best. We like it even better when these trainings are free, easy to access and especially high-quality.

Jasper AI has a dedicated academy at https://www.jasper.ai/academy with free and engaging lessons teaching you how to get started. I also attended the forty-five-minute Bootcamp which had step-by-step instructions on exactly how to use Jasper AI and I would recommend every user to take it. When I first logged into Jasper AI, its UX guided me through many aspects with significant ease and allowed me to use it confidently. But I still attended the free Bootcamp out of sheer curiosity and ended up developing a whole new perspective on navigating the dashboard, using the templates, creating documents, understanding the AI output history, and creating truly powerful projects.

Additionally, they have trainings on creating blog content at scale, website SEO, and even a website copywriting course using Jasper AI. The Jasper AI Academy also has a collection of highly valuable articles by industry experts. These teach you how to write video scripts that convert, perfect lead ads, books, Facebook ads, product reviews, and even webinar copy! All using Jasper AI.

The section that we found truly mindblowing was a breakdown of how to write and schedule THREE months worth of social media content using Jasper AI. And our absolute favorite was a section on how to make the best of Boss Mode by killing it with long-form copy. And yes you guessed it right, we are using it!

There is one more aspect to understanding how Jasper AI works and that involves going through the Jasper AI Bootcamp, and supplementary trainings and then sitting a certification test, to become an actual Jasper Certified Expert! Knowing what I know now, I do see value in actually making your knowledge of the platform official with this certificate.



  • One of the most dependable AI-powered content creation tools in the market.
  • Plagiarism checker Included
  • Near-perfect grammar
  • In-built SEO optimization.
  • Highly profitable for businesses aiming at scaling
  • Powerful templates and intuitive features. Updated regularly
  • Quality retention for long and short-form content creation.
  • Is actually economical even in the short run in terms of ROI.
  • Boss mode offers impressive volumes of content creation for a reasonable price. Even affordable for small businesses.
  • Integration with Surfer SEO in Boss Mode
  • Supports 26 Languages


  • Mild repetition of sentences in paragraphs and long-form content generation.
  • UI/UX could be a bit more intuitive with dropdowns and tags.
  • Information is sourced from the internet so vigilant fact-checking is compulsory.
  • Struggle with the direct generation of long-form content.
  • Cannot paraphrase content.

So whether you are writing a product description, an ad, an email copy, or an article for publishing, we would highly recommend that you give Jasper AI a shot. If you're struggling to come up with a headline, Jasper AI will suggest a list of possible headlines for you to choose from. Or, if you're stuck in a rut and need some inspiration, Jasper AI can provide you with a list of related topics to write about. In short, Jasper is like a copywriting assistant that's always ready to help you get the job done. The platform offers a range of tools to help you research, write, and edit copy and content, including a thesaurus, dictionary, and style guide.

This is one among a series of many reviews that my team and I will be conducting for top AI writing tools in the market. Click here if you want to read a review on how Jasper AI performed when we compared it to Copy AI.