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Written By: Derek Gehl


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Writing compelling content regularly is no easy task. Using SEO optimization practices, researching relevant topics, and adding keywords in exactly the right places, all while engaging your audience, can be a real headache for many of us. If that resonates with you, then maybe an AI writing assistant like Outranking would be of use. This is an in-depth review of Outranking an AI SEO content creator. 🙂

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My colleagues and I have had the opportunity to analyze many AI writing tools over the last few months. Being writers, we were somewhat dubious about using AI to improve our content. But we came away pleasantly surprised and intrigued by all that Outranking could do. 

Our Verdict: Straight to what you want to know!

We’re not here to waste anyone’s time. So, let’s jump right into our comprehensive ratings of the Outranking AI writing assistant.

Outranking.IO Review - Overview & Summary

Overall Score

4.5/ 5

Sentence Structure

5/ 5


4.5/ 5


5/ 5


4/ 5


4/ 5


3.5/ 5

What Exactly is Outranking?

Outranking is a proprietary AI-powered writing tool and SEO optimizer. The platform is used by writers in over 100 countries and is available in 13 languages. 😮

The groundbreaking software is data driven and allows users to create content that will reach the zenith of web searches.

The AI can write a full-length blog from just a few keywords. And that blog will be 100% sure to rate high on Google searches.

Outranking allows users to outpace their competitors in the search rankings.

It utilizes machine learning to optimize long-form SEO content, generating organic views for your subject matter

Is Outranking Right For You?

is outranking.ai for you

Outranking was designed with modern business in mind. If you are a copywriter, content creator, marketing strategist, entrepreneur, or small business owner, Outranking may be helpful for you.

Outranking allows users to create SEO optimal content at scale. If you don’t have a team of writers or lack an understanding of SEO practices, this software was made for you.

Outranking.IO - Sentence Structure: 5/5

In today’s internet-driven world, getting your content to the top of Google searches is crucial. The AI writing tool at Outranking gets your message out to the masses quickly and efficiently. 

What Can Outranking Create For You?

Outranking can create content using several different templates. The functions available on the Outranking platform include – blog posts, content briefs, optimization of existing pages, product pages, landing pages, and general AI copywriting.

We will break down how each of these features works and the benefits they can provide for you in more detail below. Simply put, the abilities of the Outranking platform have left us in awe.

Blog Post

We spent some time creating full-length blogs with the Outranking AI wizard. The proprietary algorithm was able to generate some great content in just minutes. It required entering only a few simple keywords, and the AI went to work immediately.

OUTRANKING.IO - Grammar: 4.5/5

After choosing our topic and clicking “Create New Document”, we were given some excellent SEO optimal titles to choose from.

Upon choosing a title we received several meta descriptions to help plan the direction of the blog.

We could choose the description that we felt best met the tone of our blog. And then we were presented with some great headers and key points to include in the blog.

Shortly thereafter, the AI writer gave us the first draft of our blog. All of the text you see was created by the AI writing assistant.

OUTRANKING.IO - Plagiarism: 5/5

As you can see, it rated our blog a 54 on the SEO scorer. When you choose to add more keywords and headers given by the AI, then you can get your score up higher. And the software lets you know an approximate word count to achieve the greatest rating. The software recommends a score of 85 or better to be SEO optimized.

OUTRANKING.IO - Templates: 4/5

There were some grammatical errors in the text, but Outranking came equipped with Grammarly, so they were easy and quick to identify and fix.

A blog post that would normally take us a day to complete could be done in minutes.

The beautiful thing is that the AI assistant walked us through every step of the process, like using relevant keywords and adding great headers. Additionally, we found the SEO score to be very useful throughout the process.

The sentences that the AI wrote were great. They were structurally sound, for the most part, and they touched on many key points relevant to our topic.

The text editor was quite intuitive. It was very simple to make changes and add information where we saw fit.

The idea that we could create unique SEO optimal blogs so quickly was revolutionary for us. After using several AI writing tools to assist in blog creation, we have to say that Outranking was absolutely the best. 

Content Briefs

For those of us looking for guidance rather than an entire AI-written blog, the content briefs function is a great asset. Help yourself or your writers to broadcast their content in a clearer, more SEO perfected way.

OUTRANKING.IO - Creativeness: 5/5

This function required the same inputs as the full blog post did.

We began by entering some focused keywords, and away we went. Instantly, the AI tool made some catchy headlines to title our content.

Once we chose our favorite title, we moved on and looked at the meta description generator. We got some great descriptions which were all factual and well-written.

We opted for the meta description that fit our goals. And again it was time to look through some potential headers which were SEO optimal. The headers we received all fit perfectly with the topic and made for excellent content.

Once we had our headers, the AI gave us a range of key points to use in our content. This took seconds and all the key points were relevant.

OUTRANKING.IO - Usability: 3.5/5

Honestly, if we knew nothing about this topic, we could have written a blog with the given information. 

Now that we had our key points down, it was time to generate the brief. And the brief turned out to be a how-to on writing an ideal blog.

The content brief gave us the perfect word count, the number of sections/headlines, and the number of images to use to achieve the best results on common search engines.

The content brief also included external links to local businesses with great reviews. Since our topic was traveling to Cape Cod, they gave us recommended restaurants and accommodations to include.

They even gave us historical information on local sites and things to do in the area like this. 

This information undoubtedly saved us hours of research. We found this to be truly invaluable in our quest to create the best possible blog.

Again, there were some small grammatical errors, but we could fix them with the built-in Grammarly feature.

The truth is that since we discovered the Content Briefs template; we have been using it religiously. It has vastly improved our workflow. We are churning out blogs exponentially faster now. 


Outranking’s Optimize function analyzes and improves the content you have already created and published. You just input your content and the system gives you a breakdown of how you can improve it to achieve a higher SEO score.

In order to optimize your content, you need to provide a URL and a few keywords for the AI to focus on.

Keeping with the travel theme, we input a travel vlog and got some interesting results. 

The process was really simple. We just copied and pasted the link to our web page and entered some relevant keywords. After clicking “Create New Document” we got this.

Pretty cool right? The algorithm gave us a full breakdown and SEO score for our content. We found this to be pretty useful in helping to improve our page.

If you have a webpage that isn’t getting enough traffic, this tool could be beneficial for you. You have the option to manually alter your document. But if you’d rather, you can have the AI generate new text for you.

This tool is invaluable for going back and perfecting what you’ve already created. We have been using it to work on our past blogs recently. And we have seen the traffic on these pages steadily increasing.

It takes a bit of legwork to go through the specific problems with the written content. That is really the only downside here. But, if the goal is SEO optimal content, this tool can get your web page to where it needs to be.

Product Page

A product page is an excellent way to promote your business. Customers love a nice product page that can easily answer common questions, offer reviews, and create a seamless purchasing process.

We tried out this function and got some decent results.

We began by inputting some keywords. 😉

Then the system asked us to provide the keywords again with a description and URL.

After putting in that information and pressing “Write For Me” the AI writer generated some good sentences containing factual information.

We like this function, but it was a little underwhelming compared with some others available at Outraking.

All of the information was great, and the sentences were well-written. However, the function was somewhat limited in its scope. And there were some grammatical issues, but they were easily catchable with the built-in Grammarly.

If you are just getting a product off the ground and need some help to create catchy content, then the product page function can help you.

We think it could use some improvement, but overall the function is solid and creates good content. 

Landing Page

When clicking on a hyperlink, potential customers will be rerouted to a landing page. A landing page is important in bringing in potential customers.

We used this tool to get some ideas, and the results were solid.

This required entering a keyword.

Then they brought us to the text editor, where we entered a description of our landing page. We clicked “Write For Me” and the AI went to work. This is what it gave us.

The AI-generated text was well written and had a lot of useful information. They also include a link and some great hashtags for social media use.

Overall, this function was good but slightly underwhelming. The Blog Post, Content Brief, and Optimize functions have left us with the highest expectations. This feature was not quite up to snuff comparatively. But it is still useful, especially in creating SEO-optimized landing pages. We enjoyed the potentially viral hashtags as well. 

General AI Copywriting

If you’re looking to have some general copywriting created with little work, then Outanking has you covered. Whether it is perfectly writing an internet recipe or crafting a YouTube video description, then the copywriting tool can do it.

You can input information on any topic and get great content in seconds.

Here are some examples of what it wrote for us.

Our input looked like this and we wanted to focus on things to do when visiting Boston, Massachusetts.

After adding a short description, the AI generated some excellent text regarding activities in Boston.

And another example.

All of that was generated by the AI writing tool. We must say again that we are extremely impressed with the power of this AI writer. Not only does it use a vast store of knowledge, but it writes so well!

How Good is Outranking?

Look, we’ve been through the rigors with tons of AI writing assistants, and Outranking is either the best or on a very short list of the best platforms.

And what makes it so great, you might ask?

It Will Improve Your SEO Rankings

This product does what it says it will do. The algorithm uses a comprehensive system to thoroughly guide writers to the best SEO standard. Honestly, someone could come down from Mars tomorrow and write a blog that would land high on google searches. It really is that easy.

The AI Writing Assistant Is Elite

Many AI writing assistants generate text that just sounds wonky, but not Outranking. We found everything written by the AI to be top quality. We have not seen another system that can instantly create long-form content loaded with factual information. And did we mention it is well written? Truthfully, if you put the AI’s content next to a seasoned copywriter’s and didn’t tell me who wrote what, I could never tell the difference. That’s saying something!

It Is Multilingual

This is also very nice. You can get your message out in multiple languages and easily reach a wider audience. Do you want to sell products in Latin America? No problem! Outranking has a great Spanish language function.

Are There Any Downsides?

With all of the praise we are heaping on Outranking, it is not a perfect product. There are some downsides to the platform.

It Could Be Easier To Use

We’ll talk more about pricing packages later, but depending on the package you purchase, your usage will be limited. We found it somewhat frustrating that we couldn’t generate an endless amount of documents using the AI writing tool. So, for large businesses, getting out thousands of documents a month Outranking may not work.

You Don’t Have Unlimited AI Generation

We’ll talk more about pricing packages later, but depending on the package you purchase, your usage will be limited. We found it somewhat frustrating that we couldn’t generate an endless amount of documents using the AI writing tool. So, for large businesses, getting out thousands of documents a month Outranking may not work.

There Could Be More Templates

While the few templates available on Outranking are great, their scope is limited. Some other AI writing tools offer many more templates, like – business pitches, sales emails, slogans, and analogies. Outranking does not feature these more niche templates.

Outranking.IO: Pricing Packages

There are three packages available at either monthly or annual rates. If you decide to sign up for the yearly package, then you’ll get savings of 20%.



For individuals or small startups. Create and optimize up to 10 articles a month




  • 10 Documents / Month
  • 300,000 Al Credits / Month
  • 50 Searches / Month
  • O Team


For in-house content teams and agencies. Create and optimize 25 articles a month




  • 25 Documents / Month 
  • 1,000,000 Al Credits / Month
  • 150 Searches / Month
  • 1 Team


For agencies producing content at scale. Create and optimize 50 articles a month




  • 50 Documents / Month
  • 2,500,000 Al Credits / Month
  • 400 Searches / Month
  • 3 Team



For individuals or small startups. Create and optimize up to 10 articles a month




  • 10 Documents 
  • 300,000 Al Credits 
  • 50 Searches
  • O Team


For in-house content teams and agencies. Create and optimize 25 articles a month




  • 25 Documents
  • 1,000,000 Al Credits 
  • 150 Searches 
  • 1 Team


For agencies producing content at scale. Create and optimize 50 articles a month




  • 50 Documents
  • 2,500,000 Al Credits 
  • 400 Searches
  • 3 Team

Outranking is priced slightly above some of its competitors, but not astronomically. In our opinion, we’d say it’s worth the price because the AI writing software is premium. If your goal is to maximize SEO qualities at scale, then this product is a good value at the price.

The Final Verdict On Outranking.IO

After all that, what do we think about Outranking?

We have to say the Outranking AI content writer really knocked our socks off. It is an excellent product.

Nowadays, e-commerce platforms are exploding in popularity. More and more people are looking first to the internet as a resource for learning about products or services and buying them too. It is incredibly important for any business to have a solid online platform in order to compete.

A big part of a business succeeding in the digital realm is where it shows up on Google searches. When I search for the best restaurants in New York or the best plumber in Miami, I go to Google. Whether or not your business shows up high on that search is entirely based on SEO programming.

This product makes SEO optimization simple for anyone. If you have a small business and no marketing team, you need this product. If you’re a marketing strategist, this product can save you countless hours and scale your content way up.

The Outranking AI writing assistant creates magnificent content, especially long-form content. You can use it to take your business to the next level. We’d recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who needs a viable digital strategy. If you don’t believe us, head over to their website and see for yourself. We think you’ll be very happy.