Peppertype.AI Review

A Superior Content-Creating Tool

Written By: Derek Gehl


 Minute Read is an advanced, AI-powered software created to help individuals, marketing teams, and enterprises to craft perfectly organized content. operates on the GPT-3 platform using 20+ templates, ranging from product descriptions to paragraph writers.

As AI technology continuously grows and amazes professions of all kinds, we took it upon ourselves to carefully scrutinize this specific platform. After intensive investigation and experimentation with each template created by, our conclusion is that is just shy of flawless.

Throughout this review, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using as your personal software assistant. We will include examples of our experimentation to back up our conclusion of

Our Verdict: Straight to what you want to know!

After the extensive trial period with, we have evaluated all aspects of this software. The quality of content, grammar, and sentence structure across all available templates are far superior to our expectations.

Below, we have left our detailed review of and the accompanying software. We will continue in this review to explain in further detail the various aspects of

Overall Score

4.45/ 5

User Interface

5/ 5


5/ 5

Sentence Structure

5/ 5


3.5/ 5

Long-Form Content

4/ 5

Short-Form Content

4.5/ 5

Overall Quality of Content

5/ 5


4/ 5

Trial Period

5/ 5

Fact-Checked Information

3.5/ 5

When considering grammar, sentence structure, tone, and content quality, the verdict is overwhelmingly positive. The two lowest-ranking categories are “Plagiarism-Check” and “Fact-Checked Information”. The more advanced plagiarism-check package is currently only available in their “Enterprise” package. And the software cannot fact-check all generated information. You will see specific examples of this further on in this review.

What Is is an advanced AI assistive tool to help writers, markets, and managers handle creative writing text. This AI technology is built on GPT-3. GPT-3 is a neural network machine learning model that is designed to generate any type of text using internet data. GPT-3 uses deep learning methods and is the largest neural network ever produced.

Put simply, can generate realistic, grammatically correct text using previously learned data as a reference. accomplishes this in a matter of mere seconds, making the content creator’s life much easier.

Who Is For? is really for anyone responsible for creating content. If you regularly write product descriptions, send out endless emails, create blog posts/long articles, or manage social media then has the tools for you., and other comparable software are designed for content creators. You can accomplish much more in your professional life when you can designate the more mundane tasks to an advanced AI-equipped to produce high-quality content.

While this type of software is quickly gaining popularity among content creator professionals, it doesn’t stop there. is programmed in over 30 different languages. It can be a creative tool for business translation. And in addition, also has unique services catered to graphic designers.

What Can You Do With has a vast blend of tools available. These range from writing blog introductions or conclusions, to generating ideas for tweets, enhancing already written content, to social media captions. The full scope of for job functions is impressive.

Our team has spent a good amount of time playing with We are going to share some of our experiences with you here so that you can have a better understanding of what exactly can do for you. We will share ten examples of our experience with this specific AI software.

Brand/Product Descriptions: 4.5/5

This feature helps create descriptions for a brand or product. For the example below, we received seven different variations of final product descriptions. We were particularly impressed with the large vocabulary base and descriptive details used by the software.



Blog Conclusion: 5/5

The blog conclusion generator functioned beyond our expectations. The software generated four different conclusions based on the vague information set provided. You can see that in the example below, we chose to make use of the “advanced options” feature. We could input a call to action, although this is not required to generate a conclusion.

Overall, the blog conclusion generator earned an A+ in our books. The four different results provided enough variety on the topic. In addition, grammar and tone were perfect for what we were looking for.



Blog Outline: 5/5

The blog outline feature is another tool that exceeded our expectations. The most impressive thing about the blog outlining proponent is the large variety of outlines supplied. We received four different outlines with our given input. Each outline varied in length, formatting, and overall direction. This allows the user to choose the outline that fits best with their goal.



Blog Heading Expander: 3.5/5

We were slightly less impressed with the blog heading expander, but it has its merits. For this feature, you only need to input your blog topic and the section header to receive a full paragraph on the topic.

In the example below, we only received two-paragraph options that were largely underwhelming and had more of a robotic sound to them at points. The first paragraph focused on transportation within Mexico. This might not be a hot topic for reasons to travel to Mexico.

The second paragraph we received touched on more interesting and notable topics regarding Mexico. It includes some accurate information about Mexico, like the population of Cancun and average temperatures. It also includes some false information, though. The generated text states that there are no hurricanes in Cancun, Mexico. While hurricanes are rare, they do have them. The average rainfall is also not entirely accurate for that region.

This draws to attention the importance of fact-checking your information with these AI software systems.



Feature To Benefit: 4/5

Feature to benefit is a form of sales that helps the customer understand how a product can benefit them. This tool is particularly useful if you are facing a creative block and are struggling to portray that connection on your own.

We spent a long time playing with this tool, as it was interesting to see the different results we received based on the different amounts of information shared. In the first example, we offered a generous amount of details and the system generated an output that was just a variation of the information already given.

In the second example, we tried to be as vague as possible. Overall, it impressed us with the quality of knowledgeable information added to the text, creating a more persuasive feature to benefit the sales pitch.

Input 1

Output 1

Input 2

Output 2

Personal Bio: 4/5

The personal bio proponent of the software was another fun feature to play around with. You can choose to be as specific or vague as you’d like, and will fill in the blanks for you.

We experimented with the voice under the advanced options here. In the first example below, we chose “Speak like Sherlock Holmes” and got some interesting tone in the personal bio. For the second example, we returned to a “professional” voice and received more appropriate results.

Input 1

Output 1

Input 2

Output 2

Quora Answers: 4.5/5

Quora can be a major player for marketers. If you aren’t familiar with Quora, it is a social platform where users can ask questions about any topic. You’ll find a lot of questions revolving around businesses, or people asking for suggestions. This can be a good place to grow your audience.

Overall, we were impressed with the answers given by The answers were knowledgeable in the field.



First To Third Conversion: 5/5

While converting text from first to third-person perspective might not be a high-ticket task, it is certainly interesting to play around with it. We found that was 100% accurate in its conversion and made no information mistakes while doing so. If you find yourself needing this tool, it won’t disappoint.



Content Simplifier: 5/5

The content simplifier proponent of was beyond impressive. We spent a good amount of time exploring this feature. The example below is the AI technology working its magic on’s explanation of the String Theory. The output provided clear, simplified descriptions of one of science’s most complex theories.

We included two examples, both with the same input content. In the “Advanced Options” we changed the target grade level for the content. While there wasn’t a huge difference between grade 7 and grade 3 explanations, both were significantly easier to follow than the original.

This might be a useful tool when writing if you are the expert on the subject, but struggling to explain the subject in more universal terms.

Input 1

Output 1

Input 2

Output 2

Graphic Design Help

Even though is largely an AI platform drafting new ideas, creative writing, and product descriptions for content creators, they offer help in several other areas.

One of those areas is graphic design. This is a unique area of support amongst the copywriting AI systems. We have worked with a lot of technology similar to, and have never seen one offering assistance outside of its reach.

While cannot draft designs for you, they offer to outsource you to a professional designer. That designer will vary on the project you have in mind and the level of expertise you are seeking.

We did not personally outsource any graphics through, because we don’t need any new graphics at the moment, but think this could be a useful tool for many content creators out there.

How Do You Use

Fortunately, has an incredibly simple interface for the level of advanced content it creates. follows a simple three-step process:

The homepage of has a complete list of all templates available, starting with Website headlines/Copy and ending with the Paragraph Writer tool. The most popular templates are listed at the top for ease of access.

You can choose to type in specific content in the search feature at the top. Or you can scroll through the available content to begin creating. Once you select your option, it will prompt you to enter the relevant information.

The software creates your content in under a minute - generally in about 30 seconds. You can then choose to save a draft to access later or regenerate content. You can even mark content as a “favorite”, meaning it will be easier to find and access for future reference.

Advantages Vs. Disadvantages of

After hours and hours of investigation, we have concluded that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. The first thing we noticed while working on is just how easy the interface is to navigate. The website is simple, clear, and precise, so there is no confusion when maneuvering around.

While the content is high quality and plentiful, some of it may sound robotic or mechanical. Information and statistics provided by the software may not be entirely accurate. It’s important to look over the final product and adjust accordingly.

One minor disadvantage was that the server does not display your input and output side-by-side. It is easy to go back and edit your input or reexamine it, however.


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Affordable
  • Generous Free Trial
  • High-Quality Content
  • Outsource Additional Resources
  • Continuous Development and Growth
  • Customizable Templates
  • Adjustable Tone/Voice
  • Multi-Lingual Services
  • Easy Access To Help


  • Must Fact Check Information
  • Can’t View Output and Input Simultaneously
  • Some Content Has Mechanical Voice

As previously mentioned, the advantages are far superior to the few disadvantages we encountered. Overall, it is an easy software to use that comes along with multiple perks. The mission of is to make creating content easy and fun for everyone, and it does just that.

How Much Does Cost?

We mentioned that is affordable while going over some advantages of the software. The prices are listed below, for both the monthly price and the annual costs. Choosing to pay annually saves about 20%.

The package you go with is going to depend on your content needs, the size of your team, and any customizable needs you may have in your business.

The Starter Plan is ideal for individuals or freelancers who maintain a relatively light workload and work alone. With this plan, you get all the regular support and full access to templates, with 50,000 words a month to work with.

The Growth Plan is designed for professionals, marketing teams, agencies, and startups. This includes 5 user seats, so is ideal for teams and collaboration. This plan also includes the ability to collaborate and share results within the team.

The Enterprise Plan offers fully personalized assistance based on your business needs. This plan is exemplary for marketplaces, aggregators, and enterprises. It also includes a plagiarism check and a human quality check for superior content.



Free Trial offers a free trial for any individual or business that would like to try it out before committing to a plan. The free trial includes up to 10,000 words of generated content. Depending on the content you create in the free trial, it is enough to generate 15+ different templates.

This gives you ample opportunity to see if the software meets your personal needs.

The Rewards Program

If 10,000 words are not enough, also offers interactive rewards and a referral program that allows you to earn even more words to create content.

The tasks are relatively simple, from joining their active Facebook community to scheduling a training call to learn even more about the software.

This offers a unique opportunity to expand your portfolio within

The Story Behind

Back in 2017, the Pepper problem question was “solve all problems with content creation”. While it sounds simple, the founders of Pepper quickly found out it wasn’t so easy. Beginning with only three developers, the Pepper crew worked closely together to tackle this problem day by day.

By 2020, the company truly took form as a super content-creating AI software system built off of GPT-3. was created by a group of tech-enthusiasts with the passion to simplify the content creation process for everyone.

While still a relatively new company, continues to impress the tech industry with its fast-track progress and continued growth.

Is Really a Superior Content Creation Software?

If it hasn’t been made clear, either through our detailed review of the software or through your own experience with their free trial, the answer to this question is yes, yes, yes. is truly a super content creation software, and it stands out for several reasons. is an easy platform to work on and offers extensive content creation templates for all fields of work. In addition, they offer referrals to outsource additional help you may need with advanced language translations or graphic design assistance.

AI technology is taking over the professional workforce, and there is no need to be scared of these technological advances. This software is created to work alongside all types of content creators, to simplify mundane tasks. Our final recommendation is that you remain ahead of the curve, and give this impressive software a try for yourself.