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Rytr Review (2022): Affordable & Worth The Hype?!

Written By: Derek Gehl


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The Ultimate Rytr Review

You're reading this Rytr review, because I am on a quest to find some of the best writing softwares in the market today. This is one of the most popular AI writing tools right now, and this Rytr review will tell you why.

Rytr is an AI writing and content generation tool which is rapidly gaining popularity due to its intuitive features and affordable pricing plan.
AI writing tools are getting a lot of traction since they make the lives of content creators much easier. Rytr is one such tool with its powerful features and several templates, that helps content creators in getting the best out of their copy.

In this Rytr review, we are going to take a deep dive into its features, templates, and pricing plans. We will also share our final verdict and help you figure out whether Rytr is the right tool for you.

So keep on reading and let us jump into this ultimate Rytr review by first looking at how Rytr works.

Rytr.me Review - Overview & Summary

Overall Score

4/ 5

Blog Idea and Outline

4/ 5

Blog Section

3/ 5

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Ads

3.5/ 5

Landing Page Copy

2.5/ 5

Product Description

4/ 5

Post And Caption Idea

4/ 5


4/ 5

Tagline And Headline

3/ 5

Testimonials and Reviews

4/ 5

Story Plot

4/ 5

How does Rytr work?

Rytr uses the AI technology called the GPT-3 the language prediction model. It allows the software to write intelligible cohesive content. This helps in generating new and plagiarism-free content in a few seconds!

Rytr helps you generate high-quality content for blogs, YouTube videos, emails, social media posts and ads, landing pages, and a lot more.

Now that we know what the tool is all about, let us see who can use Rytr.

Who Can Use Rytr?

Whether you are a copywriter, marketer, academician, entrepreneur, SDR, or songwriter Rytr can help you create high-quality content with ease. If you're wondering how this tool can help you get your writing done, you are going to find this Rytr review insightful.

Rytr is a great platform that can help anyone who needs assistance with their writing. Whether you're a college student struggling to write an essay, or a business owner struggling to write a business pitch, Rytr can help.

Moreover, Rytr supports a library of 30+ languages! This makes Rytr a powerful tool that translators can use and benefit from.

With its AI-powered writing assistance, Rytr can help you create content at an astonishing speed. And best of all, it's free to get started with this tool!

If you're looking for an intuitive tool to help you with your writing, will find this review insightful.

Let's take a deep dive into some of the most important templates offered by the Rytr AI tool.

Writing Templates Offered By Rytr


It is imperative to first work on the blog topic, the outline, and then keywords to structure the blog in the right way.

Rytr uses intrigue-building titles, and well-structured outlines, and adds a natural flow to the blog. We tried two different tones for the blog outline, informative and convincing. And we were happy with how flawless the outlines were.

The informative tone created the right amount of ambiguity in the narrative. It did not weigh in on a judgment and maintained a balanced view on a polarizing topic- will AI writing tools replace writers?



When I changed the tone to ‘Convincing’, surprisingly the positioning of the blog became strongly in favor of AI tools.



The title for both tones was on point. The informational tone had a long-form, ambiguous, intrigue-building tone which was perfect. And the convincing tone had a bold and authoritative tone.


We tried the "Blog Section" writing template and the output introduction of the blog post was impressive.

You need to enter a topic of your choice and Rytr will generate a well-conceptualized paragraph. The content generated was detailed, factually accurate, and provided a sound background for the theme.

However, we noticed that the content only addressed one single aspect of the topic, around data privacy regulation. It did not address the central theme which was the effect of data privacy regulations on digital marketing.

It would be interesting to see how AI writing tools can still come up with the right content, for such complex and layered topics




We tried the social media ad content generation and the resulting outputs were quite satisfactory. All three variants included the right mix of power words, hyper-relevant words, and personalization. The tool even added a suggestion of ‘initial engraving’ when we had only given the input of ‘name engraving’ which was really impressive.




We tried the landing page writer for two different tones and thought that it had room for improvement.

Rytr generated a crisp landing page copy. It also came up with additional relevant features that could be highlighted. However, the headline could have been catchier and unique. It missed including essential page elements like the call to action and social proof in the copy. We recommend using the headline and tagline template for coming up with the landing page headline.

Input (Enthusiastic tone:)



The Product Description writer offered by Ryte.me is powerful and by far our favourite template.

The copy brilliantly connected the features to user benefits. It appealed to the reader’s emotions with the right amount of sensitivity and empathy.

We did however notice there were some cliches and empty phrases in the copy which are better avoided. A sense of urgency and clear calls to action would have been great to include in the copy which we felt were missing.

Input (Enthusiastic tone:)



A great social media post and caption wields the power to attract, engage and delight your readers.

Our experience with the social media post and caption template of Rytr was amazing. For a very simple input of just a single line, the output caption was quite comprehensive. The intrigue-building by asking a riveting question in the first line and writing the important part first was brilliant. The CTA was clear and concise (for the 1st variant) and addressed a larger vision.

This is one of the best templates of the Rytr. And once you finish reading this Rytr review, I would encourage you to try and experience it for yourself.

Input (Enthusiastic tone:)



Crafting an effective email is truly an art. And Rytr.me’’s email writing feature gives you just the right inspiration and tools to hone the art of email writing.

Also, the email copy had a good flow and was conversational. Also, the aspect of personalisation was well-addressed in the copy. However we observed that some of the points were repetitive.

Overall, we were happy with the output generated and would recommend to use this feature for all marketing and non-marketing related email too.

Input (Enthusiastic tone:)



We tried the headline generator feature next and were very happy with the results generated.

The basics were done right with all three variants that Rytr generated. The headlines were short and simple, explained the offering, and communicated clearly. It evoked emotions and made you think. The second variant sounded a bit vague. ‘It’s time to take back the control over your finances’ would have made more sense instead of ‘It’s time to take back your finances.’

Overall, we were satisfied with the headlines but would recommend thorough proofreading and using the right keywords in the input.

Input (Enthusiastic tone:)



We loved the reviews generated by Rytr.me AI tool. They were personable, used simple language, relatable and reassuring sharing personal stories.

The aspects like the interface of the tool were also highlighted in the copy which was not even mentioned in the input. We found this impressive. We loved the fact that the testimonials were not generic sounding at all, which usually is the case with most testimonials. One thing we noticed was that for B2C products the testimonials and reviews generated are pretty amazing. But same can’t be said for B2B service based companies.

Input (Enthusiastic tone:)



As a business owner this template is very relevant to you. Because it showed the true creative power of Rytr. And as I wrote this Rytr review, I loved this feature of the app and had a bit of fun with it too.

We provided just a one-line story plot. And Rytr generated a fascinating story introduction, expanding the plot and introducing characters. The story had an intriguing buildup and a well-established setup. We tried a candid tone on this story and it did justice to the tone. It almost feels like a friend is telling you this story and not a virtual one. The level of creativity that Rytr displayed compared to many other AI writing softwares was remarkable!

Input (Enthusiastic tone:)


Apart from the templates listed above, Rytr has more than thirty templates. And also the ability to create custom templates in paid plans.

How Much Does Rytr Cost?

While writing this Rytr review I realized one thing. That the cost of a Rytr subscription depends on the size of your business and the scale of content you need to generate. Rytr offers three plans namely the Free, Saver and the Unlimited plan. You can either sign up for a monthly or an annual subscription. Signing up for an annual subscription gives you 2 months free for both paid plans.

If it is your first time trying the platform, then it makes sense to start with a free plan. And learn how you can use it best. The free plan offers majority of the features except the custom templates and priority customer support. However the five thousand characters of the free plan are not enough to test all the templates and explore the possibilities of this platform.

We liked that one can sign up without needing to enter your card details. The free plan is good to get introduced to the platform. But you will need to switch to a paid plan in order to continue using the plaform.

The saver plan only costs $9/month and $90/year for an annual subscription. It generates 50K characters per month so it is ideal for a small business or a small size social media agency. It also gives you access to creating your own custom templates.

The unlimited plan costs $29/month and $290/year for an annual subscription. It offers unlimited characters, a dedicated account manager, and priority customer support. Enterprises and marketing agencies should go for this plan to get the best out of this platform.

The pricing of Rytr is extremely competitive and cost-effective compared to other AI writing solutions in the market.

How Can Rytr Be Better? Room For Improvement:

Yes, I have shown you the powers of its main templates and key features. But in this Rytr review, I am also going to talk about what could have been better with this tool!

Firstly there could be a search bar for all the languages, tones, and use cases. It’s not the best experience to scroll and browse through all 20+ of them from a drop-down. The email and chat support is not real-time and only made available for the premium plan. However, it would be fair to say that their detailed resources and video guides make up for it.

There is one major issue that I observed with Rytr. For niche topics the content is over-optimized for SEO, ending up repeating a keyword multiple times. This can result in a poor reading experience.

We found that the content generated does not necessarily include all the inputs that we provided for a use case. Also, changing the tone of voice flips the content narrative altogether, and often becomes irrelevant to the original topic.

Our verdict: Is Rytr A Good AI Writing Tool?

Rytr is a powerful and extremely good-value-for-money tool. Even though it’s a newcomer it has the potential to become a major player in the AI content writing space. It’s easy to use, simple, quick, and effective.

Rytr is the perfect platform if you are a writer who needs to draft creative content regularly. It will save up a lot of your time and effort in content creation.

Rytr is undoubtedly one of the best value AI writing tools in the market currently.

However, Rytr is not a highly refined tool, yet. You need to keep in mind that it only generates basic content that needs to be fine-tuned and fact-checked. Although the content is generated in a few seconds, you must factor in the time to proofread and rewrite to achieve optimal content quality.

To conclude, I believe that Rytr works best for long-form content generation, SEO writing, and email. This tool can be a powerful support for already talented writers and can help them generate content at scale in a short time. If you like this Rytr review then feel free to check out other AI writing tools that we have reviewed on our website!

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