Scalenut.AI Review

Can This AI Software Perfect Your Writing?

Written By: Derek Gehl


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This is a review of Scalenut – the innovative, all-in-one AI writing software that promises to tell your story at scale. Before using this software, my coworkers and I were a bit put off by the idea that AI technology could render writing superior to a human. But after using the program for a few weeks, we have become hooked.

I’ve seen and heard plenty of AI-generated writing across the internet, from TikTok to Facebook. And I must say, 99% of it was rubbish, to put it nicely. You know the robotic-sounding language, that is just lacking human character. Well, Scalenut quickly put all of those negative thoughts to bed. On the contrary, it left us extremely intrigued with the possibilities it could provide.

Our Verdict: Straight to what you want to know!

Overall Score

4.58/ 5

Sentence Structure

4.5/ 5


5/ 5


4.5/ 5


5/ 5


5/ 5

Interface / Usability

3.5/ 5

Who Is Scalenut Designed For?

Scalenut is designed for content creators, business owners, content strategists, and digital marketers.

If you need to get the word out about your product or service and do it at scale, then Scalenut could be good for you.

Content creation, especially writing, is very time-consuming. Scalenut was designed to expedite the writing process to an incredible pace. What might normally take hours of painstaking labor can take just minutes with Scalenut.

Currently, Scalenut is being used by more than 200 companies across the globe.

The makers of Scalenut designed the AI writing software to create optimized content. 

How Does Scalenut Create Content?

Scalenut uses the latest smart AI tools that consider current trends and past precedent in SEO content to deliver scalable high-ranking content.

Scalenut was designed and is maintained by some of the best content creators across multiple markets and professions. Writers and contributors are screened heavily and only about 2% of creators are accepted to join the Scalenut platform.

The algorithm created by the makers of Scalenut focuses heavily on including key terms, hashtags, bulleted lists, and premium image density to get your content to the top of Google searches.

Users can start with as little as one keyword on the input system. The AI writing assistant can turn that into detailed blogs filled with in-depth analysis. It can take the guesswork out of blogging, social media posting, targeted emails, Facebook headlines, and many other digital marketing strategies.

What Can Scalenut’s AI Writing Assistant Do For You?

Scalenut’s high-end algorithm can meet all of your writing needs and optimize your written content on many platforms. Whether you are a professional marketer, a student, or an amateur influencer, the AI writing assistant can get your content to the peak and save you a ton of time.

Scalenut has unique features like:

Cruise Mode

Generate SEO optimized blog posts in minutes. Or get help with the outline of your blog to help clear up writer’s block.

Focus Writing

Get your rough draft down first and improve it using Scalenut’s AI tools.

Thorough Research

Type in a brief description or even a few keywords. Scalenut will direct you toward the most trusted resources in your given industry.

Versatile Writing

Get multiple ideas for a given keyword. If you are unhappy with the generated text, simply generate another unique set. Tweak the keywords to get your optimal image across to readers.

SEO Optimization

You can get instant feedback on your content as it relates to SEO rules. Even if you have little knowledge of SEO, the AI will give you suggestions to move your content up the search engine lists.

Human Touch

Outside of the AI, Scalenut has a host of seasoned professionals available to help you.

Save Time - Redirect Your Energy Elsewhere

Look, you and I both know that creating great content is difficult. Maybe you run a business, but you spend way too much time writing up blogs, emails, social media content, and responses to reviews.

My team and I have been experimenting with Scalenut for countless hours and we have come to some conclusions. The main one is - Scalenut can streamline your workflow. It can take care of many forms of written content which we will talk about now. Take a look, it might take your digital content to the next level. Here are the top 10 features available using the AI writing tool. 

SEO Blog (Cruise Mode): 5/5

Need help formulating the ideal SEO blog? Scalenut Cruise Mode can create optimal outlines for your blogging needs. Creating the ideal structure with relevant keywords and headings can be difficult for many of us. The SEO Blog function will take care of the legwork for you. 

I played around with this function and got some cool results.

You can begin by entering a topic, preferred location, and some keywords like this. 

The tool then takes about 90 seconds to come up with some excellent resources to help you create the best possible blog. The algorithm feeds you with ranked keywords, ideal word counts, premium headings, verified resources, suggested readability levels, and relevant searches related to your topic. Here are some examples.

Using this tool can save a ton of time and research. You can even generate content based on keywords. Check this out.

The SEO Blog (Cruise Mode) makes writing professional SEO-optimized blogs simple.

If you are a busy person like me, this tool can help you scale up your message quickly.
You can simply click one keyword generated by the algorithm on the right-hand side (like lenses) and it will write a full paragraph, on the left-hand side, focusing on that keyword. Pretty cool right?

Product Description: 4.5/5

Are you having trouble coming up with a snappy pitch for your product? Scalenut’s product description function can help. Simply type in your brand name and give a short description (no more than 300 characters) and you will be provided with 5 unique, concise product descriptions. If you are unhappy with the write-ups you receive, then you can simply generate a few more.

The generated descriptions used some important SEO tools and contained some catchy language. They were quite helpful in projecting our ideal brand image. 

Product Input 1

Product Output 1



Social Media Posts: 4.5/5

If you want to reach your target audience via social media, Scalenut has your back. Nowadays, social media has become a crucial resource for marketing. It’s important to reach potential customers quickly with memorable posts. An attention-grabbing write-up can be key in securing future brand loyalists. Scalenut can create eye-catching social media posts, complete with playful emojis and potentially viral hashtags.

Just put in your brand name and type a 200-character description with some keywords related to your messaging. Press generate and you have vibrant social media posts. I found this feature very helpful because of my lack of knowledge about current social media trends. 



Online Review Generator: 5/5

Many potential clients will scour the internet reading reviews before deciding on which product or service to purchase. It is important to have positive reviews to compete in today’s markets.

Scalenut can offer diverse reviews on a wide range of products. Simply type in a description of your brand and highlight some key points you would like mentioned. For each input, the online review generator gives you 4 outputs at a time. If you’d like to see more, simply generate additional reviews with the click of a button. 



Customer Review Responder: 5/5

Do you want to respond to customer reviews, but lack the time? Scalenut can generate optimal responses to the reviews that you receive on the web. Increasingly in recent years, dialogue between companies and customers in the reviews section has been growing rapidly. Customers enjoy open discussions with the makers of the products they love. Additionally, a timely and cordial response to a negative review can evoke a positive brand image. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction, retention, and brand awareness.

This function is easy to use. Just type in your brand and copy/paste a customer review up to 500 characters. Scalenut will generate 4 distinct responses at one time. 



Q&A Content: 4/5

Q&A sections can be a great way to convey simple answers to common questions for your customers. Many people will have questions and a straightforward Q&A section can give them the answers they are seeking quickly.

The Scalenut Q&A content generator creates relevant questions and answers regarding your product or service.

The user interface is straightforward and uses 4 options for your Q&A needs.

I chose to highlight the answer to a question in bullet point format. After entering a question, it provided me with a bulleted step-by-step answer which was clear and succinct.



Video Content: 5/5

Video content drives a great deal of online marketing. Many viewers simply do not want to read long blocks of text and would opt for video instead. It is important to have intriguing titles and captivating video content.

Scalenut’s video content tool has 4 features; Video Title, Video Hook & Introduction, Video Script Outline, and Video Description.

After typing a 47-character synopsis of my video, the generator spat out 10 potential video titles.



The video content titles generated by Scalenut adhere well to SEO optimization rules. It created buzz-worthy titles, which could entice potential viewers.

Facebook Headlines: 4.5/5

Facebook has become the digital classifieds page for the world. It generates countless views, and it skews towards older, wealthier demographics. Middle-aged people from around the world use the platform constantly.

It is important to use Facebook to target these demographics. But, there are certain guidelines for creating the ideal headlines.

I found this tool to be very helpful in forming useful and catchy slogans for Facebook ads



Google Headlines: 4.5/5

Google is the go-to search engine for almost everybody these days. Your headlines must match their search criteria to get the most views.

I tried out the Google Headlines feature for some time and got some high-quality headlines out of it. Check out the example below.

For the input, you just need to enter your brand. Add a description of up to 200 characters and insert some keywords. The output generates three sets of 5 high-quality headlines. 



Email Copywriting: 5/5

If you’re anything like me, you sometimes probably struggle with crafting great emails. It can be difficult to have eye-catching email subject lines along with an informative but to-the-point email.

The Email Copywriting feature designed by Scalenut can improve the professional and personal emails that you write. Are you looking to get customers to click on your emails? Then check this out.

The Email function has two options, catchy email subject lines, and a sales email generator. The menu bar looks like this.

I entered a brand name and a description of the brand I created. They asked me to give some information regarding the subject of the email and the AI software popped out 4 sets of 5 catchy email subject lines. It looked like this.

Input 1

Output 1

I was intrigued by the sales email generator, so I took it a step further and used that. The input required some writing, but it only took me about 3 minutes to get all the required information jotted down. It came out like this.

Input 2

Output 2

How Can You Use Scalenut? - The User Experience

It took us a little while to get the feel for the user interface at Scalenut. But once you get the hang of it, it is rather intuitive.

Once you get signed up (there is a free version available) you can log in and head over to the dashboard in the dropdown menu. There, they will prompt to choose what type of document you would like to create. 

All of the functions we touched on earlier can be seen here. For example’s sake, we hopped into the Product Descriptions function. Here you will be given specifications for your content on the right-hand side. Choose which specification is right for you. (We chose product descriptions)

Then you type in your brand. Give a brief synopsis and Voila - you have multiple unique, SEO-optimized writeups on your product. You can choose to add any write-up to the editor function, where you can make changes and correct grammar, like this.

Your content is seen on the left-hand side. Here, there was a grammatical error, but as you can see, Grammarly easily took care of that.

You can make alterations to the text and run it through the system again and again. Take feedback from the AI writing tool, but add some personal touches if you’d like. 

Scalenut Pricing

Scalenut is available at extremely reasonable prices as compared to its competitors. There is also a free trial available if you would like to get a feel for the platform.

There are three pricing plans available: the Individual, the Growth, and the Pro. All of them can be billed annually or monthly, but the annual billing represents significant savings. The pricing looks like this. 



Let’s look at their website to get the breakdown of what each package offers. And take advantage of the free trial. That is what we did. Try it before you buy it.

How Could Scalenut Be Improved?

In our opinion, Scalenut is a great product, but it could be better.

The biggest problem we had was the user interface. The website itself could be streamlined and made more intuitive. Some features lack visual ambiance and could be made to look better. When you are working with text, it is nice to have a good-looking platform.

Additionally, we were busy, so we tried to run multiple inputs on the SEO blog generator (Cruise Mode) at one time. We expected to get multiple outputs. Unfortunately, the software only generated one blog outline at a time. For most people, this isn’t a major issue. But, for multitaskers, it can be slightly annoying. 

What Are The Advantages Of Scalenut?

Scalenut is going to create eye-catching original content for you and it is going to save loads of time.

If you’re a busy person, a business owner, or someone who frequently suffers from writer’s block, then Scalenut can help you. My team and I spend a lot of time writing and we found this software to be shockingly good at what it does.

It’s simple. AI and machine learning are the way of the future. This technology will revolutionize many industries. Writing and content creation are no different. 

Is Scalenut Worth The Price?

For us, this is a probable yes.

The interface leaves a little to be desired, but that will improve. Many popular websites didn’t look great or have great usability in their early days, yet they improved. Look at old images of Facebook and see the difference.

Scalenut can help you to market your business or get your story out there to the masses. The AI technology they use is truly revolutionary.

We’d encourage anyone who spends time creating content to look into this product. At least give the free trial a whirl and see what you think. We think you are going to love what you see.