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Written By: Derek Gehl


 Minute Read, or Simplified, is an advanced AI-powered software to meet all creative writing and designing needs offering hundreds of templates to help inspire. Whether it is help with blog writing, coming up with catchy titles or subheadings, or even creating and editing videos, Simplified has something for you. 😉

As tech-enthusiasts, our team has experimented with a lot of AI-content creation tools on the internet, and very few have stood out as much as Simplified does. Simplified does just as its name suggests, simplifies your work.

In this review, we hope to enlighten you on the advantages that this tool can provide to you. We will share specific examples of some of the duties performed on Simplified, the extensive list of things we love about this platform, and a less extensive list of things we don’t love about it.

Our Verdict: Straight to what you want to know! truly passed the test with flying colors. Overall, we were most impressed with it’s amateur friendly UI/UX interface of the platform.

The quality of content produced is high and the grammar and sentence structures found in the generated content are practically flawless. represents a solid example of the power of AI and its ability to simplify your mundane work tasks.

Overall Score

4.63/ 5


5/ 5

Content Creation

4/ 5

Graphic Design Software

4.5/ 5

Video Editing Software

4.5/ 5

Grammar & Sentence Structures

5/ 5

Template Quality

5/ 5

Template Quantity

3.5/ 5

Free Trial Performance

5/ 5

Speed of Content-Generating

4.5/ 5


5/ 5

Plagiarism Check

5/ 5

While is lacking certain templates, there is always room for growth. The company does notify about changes and updates. You can see that this content creation service is always looking for ways to improve and better help its members.

What Is Simplified?

As described by the Simplified team, “Simplified is a digital design platform that helps you create content, scale your brand, and collaborate with your team like never before.”

To put it simply, Simplified is an advanced AI-powered tool designed for all creative content producers. It offers all the resources you might need to expand your overall potential.

How Does Simplified Work?

If you spend even a minute playing around with Simplified, you’ll understand how this platforms vast capabilities produce such high-quality content?

Simplified is powered by Loki, an advanced AI tool that pools data from thousands and thousands of resources to generate unique, AI-content. The software can use already written content as a guide to draft completely new material. This is a relatively new AI software that has proven to be dramatically influential in the tech field.

Who Is Simplified Designed For?

On their LinkedIn profile, Simplified specifically targets marketers and marketing departments as their audience, but their reach isn’t limited to that as they have been growing quickly and developing tools for many more people and professions.

Simplified is an ideal assistant for anybody responsible for creating written or visual content. In a way, it can act as your own virtual assistant. This is a must try for anybody who works in marketing, small business enterprise, social media managers, blog-writers, and all content creators.

What Can You Do With Simplified?

Simplified is a one-stop-shop for all content writing, video editing, and social media management. The unique thing about Simplified is that while they have a lot of high-quality AI-generated content, they also have video editing, graphic design, and calendar maintenance assistance as well.

Our experiments with Simplified will give a more illustrated understanding of what exactly Simplified does and how it can help you succeed in your field. 😃

Blog Section Completer: 4/5

The blog section completer is an impressive feature found on Simplified. All you do is submit your blog title and the advanced AI technology will generate complete paragraphs on the subject.

Simplified did leave a little to be desired. For example, some paragraphs were incomplete and left off before the sentence was finished. Either way, this feature can be a good starting point to build on



Company Bio: 4.5/5

It might be difficult to come up with a unique and eye-catching company bio, which is where this feature comes in handy. Once you enter minor details about the company, and the program generates a distinctive company bio.

We were impressed with the company bio in the example below. The sentences read smoothly and sound entirely natural. It only gave us one generated sample, but it met all criteria's.



Hashtags Generator: 4/5

Some people might not be aware of just how influential proper hashtags can be with marketing. The hashtag feature makes using hashtags correctly easy.

While we were only given a few generated hashtags, they were precise and popular hashtags that would assure more post visits on Facebook or Instagram.



Product Growth Plan: 5/5

We haven’t seen this product growth plan feature on many AI-content creating tools and it blew us away. This feature can help take a simple idea and give you the next steps towards growth.

You can see the example below, two direct easy to comprehend growth plans were provided for our banking app. Each plan was outstanding in its own way, and both offered a full-proof plan for growth.



Subheadings: 4.5/5

While subheadings can be simple, they are an important piece to attract readers and visitors to your site or post.

We received three different examples with the given input, which was plenty to find something that fit our needs.



YouTube Video Titles: 4.5/5

Sometimes coming up with a noticeable title is the most difficult part of creating a YouTube video. This feature needs minimum information to generate an attention-grabbing title.

In the example below, we provided only bare-bones information, and we received three variations of titles. As a bonus these titles can also serve as inspiration for the actual content of the video.



Product Name Generator: 4/5

This AI software is able to draft completely unique product names as well. This is a useful feature for anyone who wants some help with designing the face of the product.

While we didn’t fall in love with the novel names given and needs improvements.



Create and Edit Videos: 4.5/5

Now we are getting into some of the most interesting content available on Simplified. As content creators, our team has worked with a lot of different AI software systems out there and Simplified is the only one offering smart, efficient video editing software.

This feature can help create Instagram, Facebook stories or just short little advertisement clips. You can upload your music, footage, or access the library of resources available straight on the website.

While it might not be the most advanced equipment for a well-versed video editor, it has all the key designs to get started with. Below are some of the templates available for their video editing feature along with a sample video of our experience.

Graphic Design: 4.5/5

If you aren’t satisfied with just the video editor, you can also get some graphic design help. Simplified offers an extensive template base to create astounding graphics along with a lot of inspiring resources to build on.

Overall, we were very impressed with the graphic design features found on Simplified. Not only do they offer a template for almost any need, holiday, or event, but they guide you through the creative process as well. Below are some examples of what is available to Simplified members.

Schedule Post: 5/5

Calendar scheduling is another notable feature found on Simplified. The calendar feature is a brand new proponent of Simplified that can link all your external accounts together, released in March 2022. This is an advanced AI-powered feature that can help keep your social media presence organized and timely.

With Simplified you can manage your posts and set a timetable of when to share posts. This means you can manage all of your accounts, as well as your creative content, all on one platform. Below is an image showing everything you can link together.

How To Navigate Simplified

Fortunately, Simplified remains true to its name and keeps things relatively simple with its easy to navigate website layout. The homepage (pictured below) allows you to jump right into a new project or scroll through your recent projects.

All you have to do is click the option that you are looking for, whether it is generating a new copy, graphic design, video creation, or scheduling a post. And follow the simple input instruction and wait mere seconds for the generated content.

What We Love About Simplified

We knew from the get go that it would be hard to summarize all the features that we loved about Simplified. The benefits of this platform are endless, and overall we were wildly impressed with the high-quality content created for any purpose. Below are some of the most notable features that make Simplified stand above and beyond most other AI content creation software available right now.

Great UI/UX

This is one of the first things to look for in a software development platform. It’s easy to get bogged down in the finer details, especially when it is something you don’t entirely understand. Fortunately, Simplified keeps things incredibly easy to work with, to the point where a complete tech beginner can get the hang of it.

Extensive Learning Hub

Not only does Simplified make things easy for everyone, but they also offer endless resources for professional growth through its blog, Facebook community, and customer support.

High-Quality, Unique Content

Our team spent a long time messing around with the various content templates found on Simplified and were not disappointed by the results. No matter the material given, the platform could generate excellent content with no signs of grammar errors.

Graphic Design & Video Editing Features

Simplified takes another step with its advanced graphic design and video editing features. Generating content is hard enough, but with these features, you can get extra assistance with the visualization of that content as well.

The Simplified Calendar

One of their newest features, the Simplified calendar exceeds all expectations. This allows you to streamline your work onto one platform.


Simplified offers an extensive language database. All content can be generated in not only English but in all major languages from around the world. They even offer multilingual blog posts, as well.

Free Trial

Simplified offers a free trial, and no credit card is needed. With the unlimited free trial, you get full access to many of the resources offered on the platform.

Loki AI

Loki is a relatively new AI software that is sending shock waves through the tech industry. It is powerful, advanced, and capable of performing the most complicated content-creation tasks. This is what powers Simplified and we are here for it.

Simplified is a relatively new software development company that continues its growth and expansion. They are constantly updating existing and new features on this platform.

What We Don’t Love About Simplified

The list of disadvantages is noticeably shorter than that of the advantages. It was almost too difficult to come up with downsides to the platform, but there are a couple worth improving.

Lacking Adjustable Tone

Unlike other popular AI content creators, there is not an easy way to adjust to switching content tone from “professional” to “friendly” to “casual” and so on. The Simplified tone predominantly stays on the professional side.

Response Rates Need Improvement

When reaching out directly to customer support, it may take a while to get a response. While they will always respond, don’t expect a response in minutes.

Some Incomplete Content

During our experimentation, some created content was left incomplete. This only happens maybe 1% of the time, so isn’t a huge issue that affects the overall quality of results.

Could Provide More Content

Most of the time, Simplified only generated between one and three content creations. The results are slightly limited compared to other content creators out there.

Overall, the disadvantages of Simplified are not anything to worry about. None of the downsides held any negative impact on the final product or it’s quality. In addition, Simplified is always making improvements on the platform.

The Simplified Blog

The resources available directly through the Simplified website are bountiful. Simplified offers YouTube tutorial videos walking you through the content creation process. But the real star of the show is the Simplified blog.

With 55 pages of articles, the blog has any resources and information that you might need to succeed in the field. From articles about Simplified features to articles written for marketing managers, they have everything even multi-lingual articles.

Simplified Prices And Packages

Simplified package prices are incredibly competitive. The current annual packages come with a 20% discount compared to the monthly prices. Simplified also makes it easy to switch between packages if you are on the fence about which one is best for your professional needs.

Free Forever

The Free Forever package is their version of a “free trial”. This package, with absolutely no cost, gives you access to thousands of content templates, video editing tools, and graphic design help. They designed this package for only individual work.

Small Teams

The Small Teams package is a great option for small collaboration work and for those that want the additional benefits. This package includes all the same content found on the free trial, with some bonus materials. You can download more fonts, remove backgrounds with AI, and instantly publish content to social media.


The Business package includes everything from above, with even more templates available. In addition, this package allows you to integrate your work with Google Drive and Shopify, as well as create your own presets to work with in the future.


The Growth package is ideal for larger marketing teams and agencies that are planning for expansion and overall growth (thus the name of the package). With this package, you’ll get unlimited access to all tools found on Simplified, as well as unlimited storage for all your content needs.

Are You Ready For To Improve Your Work-Life?

After extensive research and inspection of the product, our only conclusion is that Simplified has everything you need to experience significant improvements to your output. Simplified is a great representation of a successful AI-powered software tool for all content creators. They have the resources for written content, visual content, and even social media scheduling.

In addition, Simplified offers substantial educational resources in its blog for further professional growth. While there is some room for improvement, Simplified will far exceed any content creator's expectations.