Snazzy.AI (Now Smart Copy by Unbounce) Review 

AI at It’s Finest

Written By: Derek Gehl


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Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by the idea of creating written content? If you’re like us, you probably suffer from the occasional bout of writer’s block. Writing original blogs, essays, social media posts, emails, business pitches, taglines, hashtags, video titles, and, well, you get the point. It's a lot to handle.

Writing compelling content that fully engages your audience can be near impossible sometimes. Nobody can keep their creative juices flowing all the time. The good news is that AI writing assistants like Snazzy AI are here to help with most of our modern writing needs.

Let’s jump into our thoughts on how Smart Copy AI writing assistant breaks down. 

Our Verdict: Straight to what you want to know!

Overall Score

4.58/ 5

Sentence Structure

5/ 5


4.5/ 5


4.5/ 5


5/ 5


3.5/ 5

User Interface

5/ 5

A Quick Note About Snazzy AI

They’ve recently had a pretty significant change in branding – Snazzy AI is now Smart Copy by Unbounce. However, that’s pretty much all that changed as far as we can tell. Smart Copy is a highly powerful AI technology that helps you create uniquely written content in no time.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s move on with our review of Snazzy AI (aka Smart Copy by Unbounce).

Our In-depth Snazzy AI / Smart Copy by Unbounce Review

In recent months, my team and I have been trying all kinds of AI writing software. We have combed the recesses of the internet - testing, experimenting with, and learning from our experiences with different versions of writing software.

To be frank, we went into this project extremely skeptical. We had seen some AI writing tools used in the past. And, well, the outcomes weren’t pretty.

With that being said, we have come away from our experiment with Smart Copy AI thoroughly impressed. I am using Smart Copy daily now. Writing projects that used to take me hours can now be completed in just minutes. And this product features 45 writing templates in over 30 languages, allowing us to reach readers worldwide.

Technology is advancing at warp speed these days, and AI writing software is no different. We predict that everybody from university students to major corporations will be using AI writing tools soon. And we’d prefer to be ahead of the curve rather than behind it.

After assessing many AI writing tools, we’ve concluded that Smart Copy AI is one of the very best. This will be a comprehensive review and breakdown of Smart Copy by Unbounce. If you’re interested in perfecting your written content and saving time, please read on! And we’d encourage you to play around with the software yourself. They offer a great free trial for all users. Check it out! 

How Does The Smart Copy Writing Assistant Work?

Smart Copy uses cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology to generate original text for you. The original makers of Snazzy AI created an algorithm that combines its proprietary machine learning model along with the GPT-3 model. This groundbreaking software is designed to create original written content every single time. Do not worry about plagiarism because there is none to be found here.

Who Is The Smart Copy Writing Assistant Made For?

Smart Copy is designed for anyone and everyone who needs to create written content. Whether you are a digital marketer, influencer, student, business owner, or someone suffering from writer’s block, this powerhouse AI writing tool can help you.

The platform is excellent for professionals who need that extra boost for their writing. It is also great for students who are struggling to write essays. Heck, even if you are writing a novel, you could use Smart Copy.

Smart Copy can save writers hours upon hours in the creation process. If you spend too much time creating outlines, thinking of topics, and writing, this software can massively enhance your workflow. 

What Content Can Smart Copy Produce?

You can choose a wide array of written content from product descriptions and blog ideas to Facebook posts and TikTok video ideas. The possibilities are endless. Other templates included on the Smart Copy platform include email generators, investor pitches, and essay outlines. Here’s a look at what they offer on their homepage.

Now we will do a deep dive into 10 of the most popular templates available on the Smart Copy website. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Blog Ideas: 5/5

Are you having trouble coming up with original blog ideas? A blog can be a great way to communicate with a wider audience. But sometimes it can be difficult to generate fresh ideas for every single blog. After all, there is only so much you can say about one product or service.

Smart Copy AI can help. I experimented with the blog ideas function and I got some amazing blog titles in just a few seconds. I just put in a few sentences of information on the prompt. Then the AI writing tool gave me 9 original titles, all adhering to SEO optimization guidelines. It looked like this. 



For me, the most difficult part of writing a daily blog is coming up with new topics to cover. Smart Copy has drastically cut the time I spend thinking about blog topics. My workflow is moving much more efficiently now!

Content Expander: 4.5/5

Now that we have a blog title and theme, we have to get down to writing original content. Again, many of us may hit some bumps in the road with this. But don’t fear my friend, Smart Copy can help expand your thoughts in a clear, well-written tone.

I have been using the content expander function quite often and I am over the moon with it. You simply enter your topic and brief description into the prompt. You can also choose the length of the content (short, medium, long) and the tone (neutral, friendly, confident, urgent, analytical, optimistic.) 

Finally, you click the “write for me” button, and boom, you get several catchy write-ups. I’m more than comfortable saying that the AI writer does a great job of using catchy phrasing and proper tone to engage the reader. I am including these write-ups in my blogs regularly now. It looks like this. 



For those times when you are struggling to expand upon ideas, the content expander can be a great help.

Be sure to double-check for some grammatical issues though, because they can happen. And fact-check the content as well. Most of the information is great. But we as writers are responsible for the factuality of our content. Overall, the content expander is an excellent tool. Especially when you hit that wall and need some fresh ideas. 

Listicle + Description: 5/5

Readers love listicles. They are a great way to break up long blocks of text. And they convey information simply and efficiently to readers. 

The Smart Copy AI writing tool does a great job of creating relevant, detailed listicles. It only requires you to enter a title, and it does the rest of the work.

I was extremely impressed with this function. I use listicles in my writing all the time. And the AI software could generate catchy, factual listicles in just seconds.

For each input, the AI generates three outputs. The outputs vary in length and description. But, they are all of the highest quality. I couldn’t believe how detailed the listicles generated were, especially given how little information I put in.

Take a look at this. 



This is another function that I am now using daily. In the past, it would take me up to an hour to create a quality listicle. With Smart Copy AI, it is taking me just seconds.

Product Description: 4.5/5

Are you launching a new product or service? If so, it’s important to get potential customers excited with a sharp product description.

People are bombarded with advertisements across the internet daily. It is crucial to stand out from the crowd with a memorable description of your product or service.

Smart Copy AI allows you to generate original and intriguing product descriptions in seconds. You just type your product name and some keywords into the prompt. Click the write for me button. And seconds later you get a superbly written product description, like this. 



I was very impressed with the product descriptions the Smart Copy AI software gave me. They were detailed but succinct. Additionally, they were full of facts and got the tone perfect.

They do only generate one product description at a time. But if you go back to the prompt and play around with the keywords, you will get another 100% original product description.

I think many users will find this function to be helpful. 

Amazon Ads: 4/5

Nowadays, Amazon is the go-to platform for most people in the e-commerce space. Folks are buying everything on Amazon - groceries, clothes, electronics - you name it. That means countless potential customers at any given moment.

Your ads must have high visibility within the Amazon ecosystem. If your sales are lacking, a well-written ad can boost your numbers. Get those shoppers excited about your product. 

You simply type in your product name, along with your business information, and the AI tool generates 10 unique ads. Each ad is specifically tailored to meet the needs of Amazon and its users. It looks like this. 



We couldn’t give this feature full marks because some of the generated ads were repetitive. However, they did a great job of using buzzwords to create memorable content. And we felt they got our intended tone perfectly.

Many users will find this function to be excellent. It optimizes your ads based on the Amazon ad placement system. So, you can get the maximum number of eyeballs on your ad.

Google Ads: 5/5

Enter your textGoogle is a hub for internet users. It’s no wonder that Google has become a verb in popular vernacular, i.e. “I don’t know where to buy a plane ticket. I will google it.” 

Getting your content placed high on the Google search rankings is extremely important in generating views. Doing so takes time, study, and skill. But Smart Copy AI writing software can take the pain out of that process. 

Smart Copy AI can generate SEO-optimized ads for you in nearly no time at all. It is very simple to use. You enter a few words about your product, click write for me and they give you several headlines to choose from. It looks like this.



I will be using this function quite often because I found it to be fantastic. The content created was not only SEO optimal, but was unique and creative.

We think this function can be helpful for many users. If you want your product or service to get to the top of Google, Smart Copy AI can help. 

Email Sales Outreach: 3.5/5

Do you struggle with writing great emails to clients or potential clients? If you’re like us, then the answer is yes. Cold outreach emails, pitch emails, prospecting emails - they are tough.

Reaching out to customers via email is necessary. But you need to walk a fine line - not to annoy customers, but to engage them.

The Smart Copy AI software allows users to craft great emails in no time. You enter your company information, and the tone of your email, and click the button. In seconds, they present you with a few unique emails that are ready-made to send out. It looks like this. 



This function can be useful in creating emails quickly and at scale. However, we found the emails to be somewhat redundant. But if you are looking for a template to create solid sales outreach emails, the Smart Copy AI writing software can do that.

Taglines: 5/5

Taglines are key in creating some buzz around a product. Many of the best companies in the world can be identified easily by their taglines, like Nike’s “Just do it” or BMW’s “The ultimate driving machine”.

If you’re starting a new business or offering a new product, a catchy tagline can allow customers to remember your brand.

With the Smart Copy software, it’s easy to create memorable taglines for your product.

You just enter your business information into the prompt and add the tone you would like. The generator will create 4 unique outputs for every input. It goes like this. 



I’d recommend this function to anyone looking to start a business or rebrand. The AI software generates catchy, modern taglines in seconds. You can experiment with the tone and input information to get unique outputs.

Personal LinkedIn Post: 4.5/5

As far as professional networking goes, LinkedIn is the cream of the crop digitally. Some of the best business connections I have made have been through the LinkedIn platform. It’s vital to make yourself known and promote a positive image of yourself.

It might be difficult to convey your image in an efficient, yet professional way. But the Smart Copy AI writing can help you do just that.

You can quickly enter a topic and intent/purpose into the writing prompt and get some excellent results. It looks like this.



Smart Copy AI makes it easy to design outstanding promotional posts on LinkedIn. I have been using this function often in recent weeks. It saves me hours and creates great content. 

If you’re looking to improve your online networking, and most of us should be, this function is outstanding. 

Analogies: 3.5/5

How many times have you heard a professional or an academic say, “that was a bad analogy.”? Because I know I hear it all the time. Creating great analogies is difficult for even the best wordsmiths. However, when analogies are done correctly, they can add a lot to written content. 

Smart Copy AI writing software allows you to craft great analogies to keep your readers engaged. 

We enjoyed this function. It is easy to use and creates some good analogies. You just enter the two things you would like compared. And the AI generates 5 original analogies, like this. 



It’s that easy. We found this function to be useful in adding some flair to our writing. But some of the analogies were superfluous. And they were not the most creative. With that being said, you can get some simple analogies generated using this service.

How To Use Smart Copy by Unbounce

We’ve been using plenty of AI writing tools recently. And the Smart Copy usability is second to none. It is very intuitive and easy to learn. 

Once you log in to your account, they will present you with all the templates that Smart Copy offers. You have your navigator on the left, where you can save work, view past work and use
the writing function. 

Simply scroll down to find more templates. Or look at the top and find a category of templates in the green bubbles.

For example’s sake, I used the content expander. Once there, you just write the relevant information and click “write for me”. Notice the “Fine Tune” function, which can be enabled or disabled. I had it enabled to generate more content. You can also choose both length and tone. 

You will get three original write-ups which you can add to a text editor and make the changes as you see fit. You can send them to a friend or coworker right away. Or you can save them to look at later. It’s your choice!

How Much Does Smart Copy Cost?

Smart Copy is priced reasonably when compared to its competitors. It is available at monthly or annual rates.



The starter package is available completely free of charge. We’d encourage first-time users to try this package out and see what you think.

The Growth package is designed for larger businesses. It offers unlimited generations and profiles, unlike the free version. This allows users to create content at scale. 

The Final Verdict - Is Smart Copy An Elite AI Writing Tool?

After testing many similar AI writing tools, we have to say unequivocally yes. Smart Copy is one of the best AI writing programs available. 

Smart Copy is available at a great price. In fact, it offers all the benefits of other platforms, but at as low as 25% of the price in some cases.

Smart Copy is especially useful for creating longer-form content. We found the content it generated to be of exceptional quality.

Its ease of use is great. In most cases, we only had to enter a single word or sentence and the AI software generated several paragraphs of high-quality content. It was able to save us so much time that we have become hooked on this product. 

If you are a digital marketer, a copywriter, or just a writer in general, then you need this software. It is going to make your life so much easier.

Don’t delay! Head over to their website today. Have fun with the free software and see what you can create. It may revolutionize your writing and save you your most precious resource - time!