Wordtune.com Review

Can WordTune AI Rewriting Technology Make Your Life Easier?

Written By: Derek Gehl


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WordTune is an advanced AI rewriting tool. This state-of-the-art assistance can take individual sentences and rewrite them for you. This is a great partner for anyone involved in marketing, advertising, copywriting, or any job that may entail repetitive writing. With it, you will express your ideas in a unique, fresh way.

WordTune goes above and beyond that, with its premium features, as well. You can shorten your text, expand your sentences, adjust the tone of your writing, and receive recommendations for improvement.

We are going to dive deep into the inner workings of WordTune as an extension to understand how it can benefit you by simplifying the more mundane tasks.

Our Verdict: Everything You Need To Know About WordTune

The WordTune extension is something that can only benefit you and the quality of your writing. Below is how we rate some of the key features of WordTune.

Overall Score

09/ 10

Sentence Structures

9/ 10


10/ 10


10/ 10


8/ 10


7/ 10


10/ 10

Language Translations

8/ 10


10/ 10

Functionality as Extension

10/ 10


8/ 10


9/ 10

Overall, WordTune stands above and beyond similar rewriting tools. It is easy to use, affordable, and truly an outstanding technology for writers of all kinds. Let’s continue to learn a little more about WordTune, what it can do for you, and the important takeaway notes on the extension.

What Is WordTune?

WordTune is an AI-powered writing companion that is designed to help you express clear and concise thoughts in a matter of seconds. WordTune is an extension tool that you download and use across almost all platforms. This includes Google Docs, Microsoft, various email platforms, and social media sites.

WordTune also features a translating function, shorten and extend capabilities, and the power to adjust the tone of your content. This tool not only rewrites sentences and paragraphs but develops a deep understanding of your context and semantics to deliver identical results.

This unique AI-powered writing software is the perfect writing consort for marketing teams, advertising departments, blog writers, and copywriters. Its audience is not limited to there, however.

What Types of Content Can WordTune Write?

One of WordTune’s key features is the rewrite tool. This tool can be used on practically any platform that involves text. All you have to do is write your text, highlight the text you want to be rewritten, and click the purple rewrite button.

WordTune extension works with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Gmail, Email, Facebook, Twitter, and several other popular platforms. If it is not yet supported on a specific site, you can use the WordTune editing tool on their website.

We are going to go over some samples of what WordTune can do on different platforms and websites to get a better understanding of how it functions.


Google Docs

They set WordTune up to work directly on Google Docs. Once you have the Chrome extension downloaded, all you have to do is go to Google Docs, write your content, and highlight any sentences you want to rewrite. This is useful for blog posts, articles, reviews, and any other written content.

In examples one and two, you can see how WordTune works in Google Docs. The first example is an introduction to a recipe article. If you highlight a paragraph, WordTune will rewrite one sentence at a time for you. This gives you the ability to choose specific sections you may want some extra help with.

Overall, the Google Docs proponent of WordTune is top-notch. Each input will receive upwards of five output options to choose from. The sentences provided are advanced, grammatically correct, and distinctive.

Input 1

Output 1

Input 2

Output 2



WordTune also works efficiently alongside Gmail. This may be useful for those that have to send frequent, routine work emails and need new ways to express similar ideas. WordTune can take a sentence and find fresh formatting for you.

The email aspect of WordTune works very similarly to Google Docs and other functions. The quality is high and the number of options gives you plenty to work with.



Social Media


WordTune works alongside both Twitter and Facebook. The first example below shows how WordTune works on Twitter and the second example shows how to work it on Facebook.

Again, you will get a plethora of options for new sentences. Social media marketing is about grabbing the attention of your audience while maintaining your own voice. WordTune can help you do just that.

Input 1

Output 1

Input 2

Output 2

WordTune Editor

WordTune Editor can come in handy when you are working on a platform that does not yet support the extension, such as Instagram. Instagram is not supported, but is one of the most popular social media tools available for marketers and influences alike.

Below is an example of how we can take Instagram text and use the WordTune Editor to get some suggestions. We started a post on Instagram, copied the text, and pasted it into the WordTune Editor function through their website.

There are two key functions of the WordTune Editor. The first is to receive recommendations on your sentences and flow. You can see in the first example, on the right-hand side, the little lightbulb. This lightbulb will give suggestions for improvement.

The second function is the rewriting aspect. You can see an example of the rewrite through the WordTune Editor in the second example below. This works the same as the WordTune extension, but may be useful if it does not support the extension on a specific platform.


Input 1

Output 1

Input 2

Output 2

WordTune Premium Perks


Everything we have discussed in the above examples can all be accessed through the free package of WordTune. But the fun doesn’t stop there. WordTune offers a premium package that allows you to modify the tone of your writing, extend your text, shorten your text, and look up advanced synonyms for words in proper context.

Once you have premium access, you can do all of this either through the WordTune extension or through the WordTune Editor. And one of the best things about WordTune Premium is that you have unlimited access to all the tools. You don’t have to worry about running out of sentences or space because with the premium, you can have it all.

Casual Vs. Formal

We experimented with the casual and formal tone setting quite a bit. Below, we have two examples. Both have the same input but different outputs. The first example shows the casual tone setting and the second example shows the formal tone setting.

While there isn’t a huge difference between the two tones, it does give you more variety and more sentence options.


Input 1

Output 1

Input 2

Output 2 (Formal)

Shorten Vs. Expand

With premium access, you can also shorten or expand your text. The expand feature can be useful if you have reached writer’s block and need further inspiration. The shorten feature can be useful if you are struggling to keep your content concise. Below are two examples using the shorten and expand function through the WordTune Editor.

WordTune does an excellent job with both features. In the first example, we just created short bullet points. WordTune took each bullet point and turned them into full-fledged sentences. In the second example, we created a rambling introduction for an article. WordTune effectively minimized the sentences and provided concise replacements.

WordTune also gives writing recommendations and offers tips for improvement. You can see the suggestions given in the second example below.


Input 1 (Expand)

Output 1 (Expand)

Input 2 (Shorten)

Output 2 (Shorten)


How To Add WordTune Extension To Your Life

Setting up the WordTune Extension and getting right to work is easier than ever. The image below shows the WordTune homepage before signing up. From there, you can click the Add to Chrome button in the upper right-hand corner. You will then be prompted to create an account through your Gmail, Facebook, or with a different email.

Then it will bring you to your Chrome Extensions. All you do is click the blue Add to Chrome button to download the extension and all the amazing benefits that come along with it.


Remember that once you have downloaded the WordTune Extension, you should pin the extension to your browser. This will place the WordTune pin in an easy-to-access place on your Chrome browser for simple, instantaneous access.

Once you have downloaded the WordTune Extension, you are ready to get started. The little purple WordTune button will appear on almost all documents. You can choose to utilize it whenever needed or set it aside for future use.


How Much Does WordTune Cost?

WordTune is one of the most affordable rewriting tools out there right now. They have three different packages— Free, Premium, and Premium for Teams. The image below shows the price and offerings of each package.

The free package is just the basics. You have access to the rewriting tool but can only do ten sentences a day. This is the perfect opportunity to experiment with the extension and familiarize yourself with the inner workings. It might not be the best option for those with more extensive writing needs, however.

The premium package is the best choice for those that may require more intensive assistance and writing help. You have unlimited access to the rewrite tool, the ability to adjust the tone of your sentences, and the shorten and expand function.

WordTune Advantages & Disadvantages

The WordTune advantages go above and beyond our original expectations. This is a rather simple concept that can save you hours and hours of writing time. In the end, this is a great long-term investment for any writer that is looking for a little additional support.



  • Functions as an easy-to-access extension.
  • The extension allows for you to never need multiple windows open.
  • Includes a translation feature with tons of language options.
  • Offers writing recommendations through WordTune Editor.
  • Offers a large variety of rewritten sentences to choose from.


  • Rewrites only one sentence at a time.
  • The free package does not allow for enough rewrites to do entire paragraphs, it is rather limited.
  • Not yet supported across all platforms, like Instagram.
  • Some sentences may sound overly formal or robotic.

Of course, nothing is perfect. There is some room for improvement for the WordTune rewriting tool. The good news is that WordTune is constantly developing and growing its AI technology and capabilities. This means there is a lot of time and opportunity for advances to be made.

Why You Need WordTune Extension In Your Life

WordTune may have slightly limited capacities compared to some other AI-powered writing tools on the market. However, WordTune has completely perfected the art of providing rewriting help.

WordTune is unique in the sense that it functions as a built-in extension so that you have continuous access to the rewriting tool, no matter what you are working on. They make it easy to ask for help, and they provide only high-quality guidance.

At the end of the day, WordTune can truly minimize your workload and help get your creative juices flowing by providing unique and personalized sentence ideas,no matter the project.