Writesonic.AI Review

A Quality AI Software Worth Checking Out

Written By: Derek Gehl


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Writesonic is an AI software designed as a vital assistant for marketing teams, agencies, and E-commerce brands. This advanced technology uses popular marketing formatting to draft and create unique content.

With well over 40 copy templates, there’s no shortage of the scope of Writesonic. This copywriting software excels at generating product descriptions, advertisement subjects, and curating ideas for additional development among other useful skills.

After hearing so much about the software, we decided to try out Writesonic and share our experience with it. Our experience was overwhelmingly positive as we spent hours experimenting with the available templates. We were left awestruck by the quality of the content and the easy user interface.

Our Verdict: Straight to what you want to know!

While Writesonic comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, the advantages seemed overwhelming after experimenting with the product. We tried almost every single tool available on the website. After extensive research, the final conclusion is that this product is a top-shelf brand for any writer, marketer, or business out there.

The chart below summarizes some important things to note. We will continue on to talk more in-depth about various aspects of Writesonic.

Overall Score

4.35/ 5

User Interface

5/ 5

Variety Of Templates

5/ 5

Product Descriptions

5/ 5


5/ 5

SEO Meta Tags

5/ 5

Long Content Generator

4.5/ 5


4/ 5

Languages Available

3.5/ 5


3.5/ 5

Collaboration Tools

3/ 5

Who Is Writesonic For?

Writesonic is geared toward three main groups— marketing teams, agencies, and E-commerce brands. These three groups of people spend the most time on marketing and advertising for a product. This software is specifically designed to make their lives easier.

Although, Writesonic can be useful for anyone that handles SEO-related topics, blog posts, advertising, or social media management to name a few. It is a great source of inspiration, with just the right amount of help to get the creative juices flowing.

What Exactly Can Writesonic Do For You?

Writesonic has a large scope of capabilities. These include article outlines, blog posts, advertisements, Youtube introductions, and real estate listing pages to name a few. Writesonic uses a simple interface and offers endless templates that all subscribers have access to. Here is a more detailed list of everything Writesonic has to offer:

We are going to take a look at some of what Writesonic can do. We will look at real examples to better understand the quality outcome to expect from this AI content writing system. After seeing the large breadth of ability of Writesonic, you might be just as impressed as we are.

Google Ads: 4.5/5

Writesonic has an entire section dedicated to different kinds of ads. Among others, you can get assistance with Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Facebook Ads. This feature is especially important as marketing turns heavily toward digitizing. We took a look at each advertisement, and can confidently say we're impressed with the results.

In the sample below we looked specifically at Google Ads. While the software did take some liberty with the content, the overall quality is high and easy to work with.



Cold Emails: 4/5

Cold emails are when you send an unsolicited email. Businesses, marketing firms, and freelancers will need to send cold emails to expand a client list. It’s a useful way to expand your reach. These can be annoying to send, especially when sending several out every single day.

Writesonic offers several cold email tools. All you have to do is fill out the required sections, and the software instantly drafts several variations of the email. It did draft some useful emails. However, we noticed that you have to be pretty specific with your input in order to get an accurate output.



Real Estate Listing Descriptions: 3.5/5

In their miscellaneous section, we decided to give the real estate listing descriptions a try. This feature can help draft precise descriptions of a home, including all information about bathrooms and bedrooms. This can save a lot of time when it comes to turning a simple bullet list of real estate features into a neat, readable description.

We found that this feature, while it drafted some beautiful copy, it did take a lot of liberty with the overall description. For example, in our sample below, the software added information about a private terrace attached to the bedroom. The more we worked with this feature, the more we realized how specificity is essential for an accurate result.



Amazon Product Descriptions: 5/5

This software has a long list of templates to help with e-commerce advertisements, titles, and descriptions. One feature of Wiresonic is the Amazon product description. This is a useful tool for anyone listing items for sale on Amazon. If you are working on Amazon, chances are you are probably listing many items for sale for maximum profit. This makes coming up with unique, catchy product descriptions time-consuming at times. This feature aims to help reduce your workload for you in this area.

You’ll notice in the example below that we entered only a vague, simple description. From there, this AI software was able to elaborate and draft some beautifully sounding description texts. Overall, we were impressed with the wide range of choices and the quality of the final product produced.



Emails: 4.5/5

We were especially impressed with this feature of Writesonic. Instead of typing out each email by scratch, you can enter in the important information you want to be presented in the email bullet list style and it will generate a simple email covering all the bases.

There were some slight formatting issues on our first try, but overall the quality was outstanding. The generated email touched on every topic in a smooth manner. The email was comprehensible and well-organized.



SEO Meta Tags (Blog Page): 5/5

SEO meta tags are invisible tags on your page that help a search engine determine what your content is about, and how relevant it may be to a search. These are essential to optimize visitation to a page.

Writesonic appears well versed in meta tags, for your blog page, webpage, or any post. It can help optimize your visitation numbers by providing you with popular meta-tag usage. We were impressed with the meta tag features on Writesonic. It proved to be direct and 100% accurate with the meta description.



AI Article & Blog Writer: 5/5

Writesonic has three separate AI article writers. We worked largely with AI Article Writer 3.0 as it used the most up-to-date software. The first thing we noticed when experimenting with this feature is just how advanced it is.

The AI article writer works in four steps.

Step 1

Come up with ideas

Step 2

Generate an intro

Step 3

Get an outline

Step 4

Generate your draft article

This feature can hold your hand the entire step of the way to creating a perfect blog about almost any subject. We included screenshots below of what the first three steps look like.

In step 1, you just enter the topic of your article to receive a long list of specific titles. You choose a title and enter it in for step 2. Using only the title, the AI article writer drafts an intro to start building off. You choose an intro and enter it in for step 3. From there, you’ll receive a detailed, organized outline for the article. Finally, in step 4 you enter the title and intro, and AI technology drafts the entire article.

There are a lot of steps going into this, but receiving the first draft is well worth it. The final draft is of good quality, organized, and unique in its own way. Now, of course, it’s best as a draft. You may want to revisit it with some edits and expansion ideas. But you’ll still have a sound draft to work off of.

We should note that each step of the process requires one of your digital tokens, making it more consuming than other features.



Step 1: Come up with ideas

Step 2: Generate an intro

Step 3: Get an outline

Step 4: Generate your draft article

Conclusion Writer: 3.5/5

The conclusion writing a feature on Writesonic is another useful tool. This can come in handy for anyone that has written an entire article, blog post, or essay and just can’t think of a creative way to end the paper.

Writesonic gives you space for up to 6,000 characters. All you do is submit the body of the paragraph, and the software comes up with three unique conclusions that draw the paper to a close. Overall, we were impressed with the output product. While it isn’t perfect in terms of flow and strength, it can serve as a great starting point to build off of or use as inspiration.



YouTube Intros: 4.5/5

We had a little fun looking at what this software can do for Youtube. They can build your YouTube intro, description, title, or just generate ideas for your next video. YouTube is a great source for expansion. There is a large market of subscribers at your fingertips, which is why YouTube proves essential for some businesses or freelancers.

Going off of just the title and search words provided, Writesonic generated six unique and clean YouTube introductions. The introductions were kept simple and to the point. Overall, we were impressed with the final results.



YouTube Ideas: 5/5

Another useful tool for all YouTube content creators out there is the YouTube Ideas tool on Writesonic. If you’re constantly making videos, it might be difficult to come up with new and exciting ways to portray them. Here, Writesonic can help generate a unique array of YouTube options for the next videos.

Writesonic generated a large list of topic ideas. In total, we received five generated lists, each with four to five ideas. That was over 20 video topic ideas with the use of just one token. The results were impressive, overall.



Expert Analysis After Experimentation

Our team spent a long time playing with the endless features we found on Writesonic. After a lot of experimentation with different topics and functions, we fell in love with this technology.

You can tell just by looking at the examples that use a simple, easy-to-navigate platform and yield some pretty high-quality results. The tools are not limited to the examples above, either. The functionality of Writesonic is extensive and goes far above other AI copywriting technology we have experimented with.

How Does Writesonic Work?

We’ve looked in-depth at what exactly Writesonic can do, but let’s learn a little about how it works. How can it take just a couple of sentences and turn them into a master-crafted draft? How does it take some keywords and generate long lists of ideas? How can it do all of this in under 30 seconds?

Writesonic uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to derive all of its content. This AI technology is always growing and expanding, meaning the quality of the content is always improving. AI is an impressive technology and is constantly stunning people with its advanced capabilities.

When it comes to copywriting, AI is proving to be a useful tool that is quickly becoming essential to the success of a growing business.

What Are The Advantages Of Writesonic?

We found a lot of advantages while working with Writesonic. This is practically a universal software that far exceeds its expectations. The biggest advantage for our team was how easy the software is to navigate and use. There are some more advantages worth noting, however.


The Writesonic interface and website navigation could not be easier to use. Everything on the website and throughout the software is clearly labeled. There are detailed instructions throughout the website for at-your-fingers guidance.


We will talk more in-depth about the price in a little bit. It is still worth noting that this is an affordable option considering the high-quality content created.

Large Template Base

Let’s take a look at everything Writesonic has to offer again. Here is a detailed list of everything available in terms of templates and available content. Writesonic uses elaborate, proven formulas to distribute top-quality subject matter.

Adjustable Tone/Voice For Content

For most content you can adjust the tone of the derived output. You can choose from a large list of different voices. The list includes friendly, professional, adventurous, sarcastic, and humorous. This gives you even more control over the subject, allowing you to adjust appropriately given the target audience.

Good Customer Care

Writesonic also has some excellent customer care and support. They are always available to answer any questions that may not be available in the FAQ. The customer support for Writesonic is attentive. In addition, they accept and examine all user feedback. The Writesonic team is always working toward improvements and perfection.

Work With 20+ Languages

Writesonic output and content are available in more than just English! They have over 20 languages available through the software. While some extensive content, like the AI article writer, isn’t yet functioning in other languages, most material is.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Writesonic?

We’ve mentioned before that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages with Writesonic, but that doesn’t mean that there are not a few downfalls with the software system.

1Takes Liberties/Requires Details For Accuracy

We ran into this problem several times during our experimentation. If not enough details are entered during the input phase, then the output might include some additional information. This requires extra proofreading to guarantee a 100% accurate finish.

All Tools Not Available In All Languages

Writesonic offers an extensive list of languages for most of their product. Unfortunately, all of these languages are not available when working with the more content-heavy material.

Too Many Options

Writesonic is always expanding and growing to its template base. This means that certain features almost have too many options. An example of this is their AI article writing tool. You have three different versions to choose from. When you are just starting out, it might be overwhelming to choose between the available options.

How Much Does Writesonic Cost?

Writesonic comes at a fair price for the quality of content delivered. They have several subscription options available. The package for you is going to depend on how much content you plan to create, how much support you anticipate needing, and the additional tools you may want available.



They do offer a free trial that will give you access to every tool. This may give you a more clear understanding of the scope of the software. It will also allow you to familiarize yourself with the software and layout of the AI technology.

Why Writesonic Is A Good Investment?

While the prices might be intimidating at first glance, especially the annual prices, it is well worth the investment. Writesonic is actually one of the most affordable AI-driven writing software available when you factor in the quality of the content.

Writesonic operates on a smooth system, creates output in under a minute, and delivers high-quality content across all templates. While there are some minor downfalls with the software, all-in-all it stands as a superior-tech choice for any writer.

From our experience, Writesonic truly delivers on all of its promises. After all, it was founded by a man who just wanted to create a system to help himself manage all of his side projects. Adam, the founder, was struggling to keep up with all of his digital products and realized that he must not be alone. Thus, the software was born. It was created to help manage, help expand ideas, and help make life easier.